Finding Hidden Treasures Under the Stairs

One of the most useful spaces and often forgotten areas for hidden storage is under your stairs! While many homeowners use the space for stashing old boxes there has been a trend in interiors to make this area a useful part of your home. Whether you want to use it for function, like a mudroom with a bench and storage area, or you have enough room for a powder room; look at these great ways to take advantage of the hidden space below your stairs.

Finding function under the risers
Under stair area is almost like a bonus room to your home. It can be treated as that extra area of functionality that you’ve always wanted. It can make a perfect area for your pet’s bed, or it can house your children’s extra toys and roll around play items that you like to be out of sight when guests come over. If you are fortunate to have enough height under your stair, consider using it for a powder room or some call a half bathroom. You can never have too many bathrooms, right?

Summer house inspiration
Another hidden treasure about the space under stairs is the ability to bring themed decoration into your hidden area. For summer and beach homes, how creative it is to bring in nautical elements with rope, anchor ties, and boating elements to your stair? While the space under the stair can be outfitted with wood batten doors to carry out the nautical theme and provide privacy for a bathroom or storage spot for tucked away items.

Under your stairs lies an area full of creative options waiting for you. This functional and often forgotten area can add storage, a playful refuge for your pets, or can be used as an office away from the rest of the house! Ensure you have enough space and height for what you want to accomplish. Even if it’s only a small space, you’d be surprised what a few built in shelves and drawers can do. It can transform your under stair area into instant decorative display. Let me know what creative uses you come up with in your home!


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