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You have decided to get married abroad and suddenly... there are a million & one things to think about to organize, but don't panic! Fortunately for you the spring and summer are the top seasons to get married in any part of the world.

There are wedding consultants everywhere to help you make your big day as beautiful as you dreamed of. Today I wanted to share ideas for making your wedding the day the most magical ever!

The idea of this post came to me by seeing Preston Bailey’s beautiful posts in Facebook. His gorgeous photographed elements of the big day made me want to highlight the essence of every wedding day. 

Beautiful details

Whether it is the aroma of fresh blooms from the church decorations or it is the shining emblem on front of the Rolls Royce wedding car that sits out front of the chapel, weddings are all about the details. Ensure that the details leave a lasting impression for your guests, family, and especially you and your soon-to-be spouse.

Pretty accents make the day

Remember the prettiest accents will create the most lasting memories. Ribbon tied around the bride’s bouquet to match the bridesmaid’s dresses, or even the smallest of pearls and lace on the individual cupcakes at the reception, here is where the pretty accents come alive. Send your guests home with tokens of appreciation for coming. Party favors that carry the theme of the day always help guests remember your day for years into the future. 

Photography to capture the day

Photos and videos are often two parts of wedding planning that isn’t thought through carefully. The day will only be there for a moment, while your photographs and videos will last forever. Search for photographers that share a similar vision as you and your spouse for capturing the details, the quiet moments and the celebratory display of affection from all that attend your wedding.

Be inspired by wedding planning and the details that will make you want to relive your wedding day in pictures and video for generations to come. Plan the details as if your guests need to capture a piece of you and your spouse to take home with them. After all, your wedding only comes once, and your chance to make it memorable is all yours! Enjoy it!

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  1. I've seen a few if Preston Bailey's work, and I must say they are fantastic. The wedding details are perfect!


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