Brightening your Winter Home with a Sunroom

For most of us, the winter is growing long and we are ready for warm temperatures and the first signs of spring. Since we can’t speed up the seasons, we can enjoy the beautiful outdoors from inside our home with a sunroom.  A sunroom enables you to experience the outdoors with expansive windows and vistas without having to brave the frigid elements! Here are beautiful sunrooms to give you inspiration and keep you warm.

The perfect seating area
The purpose of sunrooms is the ability to sit, relax and enjoy the world outside in a comfortable way. Seating is at the heart of you enjoying your sunny space. Whether you have a dining space accompanied with benches and chairs, or you have a banquette and high back chairs, your seating should match your lifestyle. I love this porch bed swing in this sunroom, who wouldn’t want to relax here on a Sunday afternoon?

Bring in your favorite elements
If you plan on using your sunroom as a relaxing reading nook, or you have a sunroom adjacent to your master bedroom, bring in personal elements to make it feel like home. Your favorite throw blanket, a display of coffee table books, throw pillows and fresh plants can make a sunroom feel personalized instantly. If you use your sunroom for dining, ensure your table is comfortable for guests to linger and the seating accompanies the table beautifully.

Don’t let the weather outside make your indoors feel gloomy and cold. A sunroom can be enjoyed year around, and with the addition of your favorite seating, textiles, fresh flowers and color, you will feel as though it is spring twelve months out of the year! Personalize your sunroom to fit you and your family’s lifestyle and sit back and watch nature put on a show.




Adding Dimension to your Home with 3D Walls

Adding depth, texture and dimension to your interior walls is what gives your home character and makes it unique. Three dimensional or ‘3D’ walls are some of the latest interior techniques to provide a touchable texture without all of the fuss of plasters, and faux techniques. They can play with the light and provide distinct shadows, and change the mood and ambiance of your room instantly. Here are some examples of gorgeous 3D wall products to use in your home.

Transform a room with 3D panels
One of the easiest and most dramatic forms of 3D walls comes in panels. The patterns range in a variety of small textures, to bold and dynamic shapes. The beauty of these panels is the ease of installing and they are touchable and dramatic. Whether you choose panels that have a concave or convex relief, the end result is gorgeous and eye-catching the moment you walk into the room.

Create room dividers effortlessly
Another quality of 3D walls is the ability to make unique room dividers effortlessly. Many varieties can be hung from the structure above your ceiling, or can be placed on partition walls. Creating separate room experiences without changing the aesthetics of the entire home. 3D Wall panels come in repetitive patterns or random scenes that resemble sculptural artwork. Whichever you choose, each of your rooms will feel dynamic and creative.

3D wall panels are definitely one of the lastest trends in interiors. Wall manufacturers have gotten creative and now make varities in different colors, textures, and sizes to meet any aesthetic in your interiors you can dream of. Whether you want your wall to be subtle, or the bold focal point of the room, set your eye on 3D walls and see what they inspire your home to do.





New & modern ideas for the traditional bunk bed

Whether you are blessed with a houseful of children or you have limited space in your home, bunk beds are a wonderful way to bring creative sleeping areas to your interiors. Bunk beds have come a long way since they were first introduced and today the possibilities are endless. From themed bunk beds to traditional and modern, the idea of fitting more people in a space comfortably is the ingenious concept behind bunk beds.  Here are some of my favorites that I found to give you ideas for your home.

Playful separation
The fun and whimsical nature of bunk beds is the playful separation in the bedroom it can create. Whether you want to delineate sleeping areas with colorful bedding or you are trying to maximize space in a small room, bunk beds do this beautifully. Try painting all your bunk beds with a neutral color, and then choose a complimenting color for each sleeping area. This is especially fun in rooms with siblings, an apartment, or even a college dormitory room! I love the basket organization on each level of this adorable bunk bed configuration.

Combining bunk beds with traditional ones
The versatility in bunk beds has come a long way. In modern interiors bunk beds are paired with full, queen, and king size beds for loft configurations. This is a creative way to add bring vertical dimension to your bedroom. Wall sconces, shelving, and decorative bedding can make a wonderful themed room. Below, this nautical inspired room is made more authentic with the addition of wood slatted walls, and wood accents to make this basic bunk bed anything but ordinary. Your kids will love the ability to share a room, but still keep an individual flare to their section of the room!

Creativity meets design
Bunk beds are a wonderful way to let your imagination soar! Creative wonderlands for your little ones, adventurous camp inspired rooms are all made possible with bunk beds. The hanging mechanisms, and design of the bed will make anyone feel like a kid again. Look at these creative slumber areas of design for your little ones! Bunk beds are a must have for at least one bedroom in your home.

Creating the perfect bedroom to retreat to at the end of the day is made possible with the addition of a bunk bed. Whether you’re decorating for the young or the young at heart, find design inspiration in the modern day bed. Children will love the creative nature of their beds, and parents will love the ability to use less space for more siblings. No longer does anyone have to fight over who gets the top bunk, after all, everyone has a stellar bedrest is these bunkbed inspirations!




Bringing Calming Blue & Green into your Interiors

There is something so calming and inviting about colors that are derived from nature. Blue and green are two of the most welcoming colors for your interiors because humans relate to them in nature. From the blue sky and water found in our everyday world to greenery that soothes our soul, blue and green are perfect for your interiors. Here are simple ways to bring this color combination into your home.

Pairing the duo together
Whether you choose light or dark shades of blue and green, the two complements each other beautifully. From your bedding and bath linens to paint colors for your walls, try experimenting with different saturation of the two colors. The lighter spectrum of blue or green can be used as the field color for your room, and the other color can be used as accents for curtains, textiles, and decorative items throughout your space.

Accent colors to blue and green
While blue and green look fabulous together, bringing in accent colors to help the duo blend into your individual home can be a welcomed change. Yellow, and brown naturally bring out the undertones in blue and green. A simple centerpiece made of fresh lemons, limes or green apples makes the perfect dinner table accompaniment. While dark wood, and browns create a neutral play on natures colors that warms up your space and welcomes guests into your home effortlessly.

Try introducing blues and greens into your interiors. Whether they are used as accents to a beautifully white bedroom, or you choose a heavier saturation in your public spaces of your home, these two colors will create a heavenly place to retreat to with your family at the end of a long day. Do you use blue and green combinations in your home? I’d love to know what special ways you incorporate this natural duo into your interiors!


Wardrobe is a girl’s best....room!

Let’s face it ladies, is there any room in your home that you love to spend more time in than your closet? Whether you’d like it to be bigger, more organized, or it to have a bigger wardrobe, your closet area speaks volumes about you. It’s always fun to look at other wardrobe closets to get ideas of how to improve yours….trust me, there is always a way to add or enhance upon what you already have. Here are some ideas to implement in your wardrobe closet.

Organization is key
While we would all like a larger closet, organization is actually more important than size. For organization gives you the ability to go in, choose what you want, get dressed and be on to other tasks in your day. Organization of shoes, hanging garments, folded garments, jewelry, dressy and casual attire, the list goes on. Choose organization shelving and drawers to match your lifestyle and clothing.

Make your wardrobe closet comfortable
Your closet will get a lot of foot traffic from you. In fact, many women spend more time choosing their clothes than any other room in the house! Ensure your closet area is comfortable with seating options, plenty of mirrors, and natural light if possible. Natural light will help you see how you will look in ‘real light”, and it will also help you feel better as you decide on your wardrobe choices. If you have space, bring in collectibles, pictures, and artwork to personalize your closet area.

Your wardrobe closet is more than a utilitarian space. It is a room of your home that helps you create your signature style. Create a closet that is inspiring to walk into everyday. Bring in coordinating colors from your adjacent bedroom, lamps, and small amenities from your living room areas to make your closet one of a kind. Assess your lifestyle and how much time you spend in your closet. The sky is the limit in choosing beautiful colors, display, and organization touches!




Creating a Relaxing Home Library

For many of us, taking in a good book or magazine in our favorite chair is the ultimate retreat to a long day. Home libraries are a wonderful room of your home to keep your literary collections, cherished collectibles, and one-of-a-kind treasures. Whether you prefer a traditional library with dark hardwoods and high back Queen Anne chairs, or you like a modern and minimalistic library, here are ideas to help create a relaxing one for your home.
Libraries as architectural details
In many homes, the architectural details of the home produce dynamic libraries! With unique and geometric shelving, built in cabinetry and unique angled lines, let your home steer your creativity. Under stairs, adjacent to atriums, and along awkward walls may make the best and unexpected spot for your home library. 

Bring in the light
One of the most important aspects of your home library should be lighting. If possible, natural light through adjacent windows or skylights is ideal. Pendant lamps, ambient overhead lighting, and side table lamps should be considered for nighttime reading. Wall sconces also make for a beautiful aesthetic in your home library. Especially if you have artwork, sculptures or other decorative amenities in your library, lighting can enhance every corner. Sit in each area of your library at different times of the day to ensure you have ample and beautifying light.

Intimate libraries
While you may always associate home libraries with being large and spacious, intimate libraries are perfect in small nooks of your home that may be wasted space. Create an intimate library with seating, shelving, and a lighting source, the rest is up to you! Libraries can reside in a tucked away landing on a flight of stairs, or even next to a window seat. Look through your home for walls that need a function, I bet they would make a perfect spot for a small and intimate library.

Your home library should be a gateway to relaxation, adventure, and a mysterious land… all by opening up books in your library. With these helpful tips, transform a room, or small corner of an office into a retreat that you can’t wait to get home to. After all, if you can’t relax and escape from the world in your home library, where else can you? Enjoy the escape!


Finding Design Inspiration ‘Up in the Attic’

Your attic is one of the most forgotten rooms of your home, yet is can be one of the most inspiring interior spaces of your abode. From the high atop views from the windows, or the space that is ultimately undisturbed by hallways and other rooms, your attic has it all.
I thought I’d share with you design inspiration ideas to make the most of your space hi atop the house. Whether you use it as a bedroom, a bonus room, or a retreat away from the world, look at these ideas to make the most of your ‘space in the clouds’.
Wonderful sources of light
One of the benefits of having an attic is the proximity to natural light. Since attics are atop of your home, take advantage of this priceless real estate in your house! Large picture windows, dormers, and skylights can help pour in sunlight, and at the same time reduce worrying about disturbed views, and close-by neighbors looking in!

Focal point of your attic space
Every attic should have a focal point, or an area for the eye to land. Similarly to all interior spaces, the attic is no exception and finding a focal point can be architectural, aesthetic or achieved with a prominent piece of furniture. An accent wall, a wallpapered backdrop for your bed, or even a piano placed strategically below a skylight can make for the perfect focal point to your attic space.

Added functionality to your home
Many homeowners have unfinished attics and don’t think of the added real estate they will have if they finish it off. Guest bedrooms, adding a home office or playroom for the kids are just a few ideas. Finishing off an attic also adds to the value of your home when selling. Homebuyers are always interested in homes that have ‘bonus’ square footage, and once finished, and decorated, it is well worth the investment. Couldn’t we all use added square footage to our homes? Attics make the perfect place for grownups to retreat away from the rest of the house too!

Attics are the hidden jewels of many homes. Almost as if they are a child’s tree house, attics can add functionality, warmth, and a well-needed away space in your house. If you can add a bathroom to your attic this is even better. To avoid having to leave the attic floor for the bathroom will make the space more inviting to use for entertaining, work, or a relaxing space.  Use these design inspiration ideas for your attic and see what you have been missing in the room away from it all!