Making your furniture come alive isn’t a difficult task these days. With the onset of green living and repurposing old furniture to look like new, the ability to create fabulous looking pieces is simple and fun. Any furniture can get a ‘makeover’ with the help of new paint, new hardware, or even a different finish all together. Here are some examples of how to take your furniture from boring to beautiful, all by giving it a new look and style.
Remember Grandma’s antique chest of drawers you found in the attic last year? Instead of stashing it away to hide its old finish, how about revamp it with color palette pleasing colors to your interiors? Choose colors that coordinate with other furnishings, wallpaper or paint color in the room to bring unity and definition to your space. It will all look custom made! 
Consider visiting garage sales, antique stores, and online classifieds in your area for old treasures that you can make new. You would be surprised how an old bench can be made new with paint and beautiful reupholstering.

Children’s rooms are a great place for furniture makeovers, as kids tend to be hard on furniture, and often dressers, nightstands, desks and chairs have to be shared by generations of siblings. Instead of throwing out the furniture, give it a fresh look with pretty white paint, stencils, and coordinating organization baskets to complete the revamped look.

Bring out your creativity with letters, stencils, and vinyl appliqués. The joy of being creative is also the appeal of revamping old furniture. You can take a piece of tradition in your home and make it your own. From monogrammed initials to clever sayings… let your imagination soar with a creative DIY project.

Furniture makeovers have never looked so pretty. The next time you are searching in the furniture store for a brand new piece, take a look at the scratch and dent area too. You never know, a furniture makeover may give your room an unexpected custom design appeal, and your wallet a break. After all, your home should reflect your lifestyle and all the wonderful things you can imagine for it. A furniture revamp may be more rewarding than you thought!





Grand Staircase in the Foyer

The lunette sofa echoes the curve of the staircase.
Jennifer Lopez knows a thing or two about red-carpet glamour. But at her California residence, a different, more serene glamour prevails. In the foyer, a dramatically sweeping staircase greets visitors. Beneath, a lunette sofa graciously invites them to stay. A white lacquered piano makes a striking statement in the living room, but it's the ethereal blue-grays, velvet sheens and shimmering silvers that truly captivate. In the pale mauve dining room and pastel peach guest bedroom, crystal and blown-glass chandeliers gleam like pieces of jewelry.
"Jennifer and I wanted elegance, but we didn't want it to look stuffy or conservative or serious," says Workman. "We wanted it to be graceful, with just enough sparkle."
Call it glint over glitz. 

Custom klismos chairs in Calvin Klein Home fabric for Kravet. Tête-à-tête sofa, Michael Berman Limited, in Casamance fabric. Side tables, Global Views. Charles Hollis Jones coffee table. Custom sofa in Manuel Canovas fabric. Pillows in Scalamandré stripe. Tufted chair, Hollyhock. Fretwork chair, McGuire. Curtains in Schumacher silk.
Gray-Blue and White Kitchen
"There are all these tones of gray, and we played with that—using a bit more of a gray-taupe here, a bit more of a gray-blue there," says interior designer Michelle Workman. "It's almost like a black-and-white film from the forties."
Kitchen Nook
"Jennifer wanted to go modern and streamlined but retain the sophistication and stylishness," says Workman.
Pastel Peach Guest Bedroom

Vintage side table from The Red House Interiors, designer Michelle Workman's shop. Headboard and lamp, Williams-Sonoma Home. Linens, Peter Reed. The custom bench is in Christian Fischbacher fabric and the art on the walls are by Jean Cocteau and Ana Carballosa. Ceiling fixtur, DK Living. Curtains in Nancy Corzine fabric. The rug is from Melrose Carpet.

Pink Gown in the Bedroom
"Jennifer and I wanted elegance, but we didn't want it to look stuffy or conservative or serious," says designer Michelle Workman. "We wanted it to be graceful with just enough sparkle."
Dining Room
Side chairs, Baker in Kravet fabric. Swarovski crystal chandelier, Schonbek. Art, Julianne Boudreaux. Wallpaper is from Cole & Son.
Great thanks to Veranda magazine for this great article, on an admired home from Jennifer Lopez.




We have been asked to decorate a very small studio that is 45sqm in Halkidiki. Greece. Located by the beach, it has a spectacular view, for it is the perfect location for a beach studio.
The small home is a one-bedroom studio with an open kitchen living room and bathroom. The challenge in these types of projects is making the home feel warm and inviting, but also adhering to a small budget. We have to be creative with our decorating choices, while still giving the client a gorgeous end result.

Design Ideas
In the bedroom, the owner had an old bedroom set in brown wood, which we changed into white lacquer, to enlarge the room. The white color also helped bring a fresh feeling to the space, and the furniture no longer swallowed up the rest of the small bedroom. Adding white to any space also gives a fresh summer feel and psychologically feels inviting.
Above the headboard on the wall, we decided to place ceramic birds we found in the local village market. It gave the wall dimension and a subtle focal point, in which also gave a summer effect in the room.

Money Saving Design
When designing the space, we realized that style shouldn’t be minimized because of a small budget. For example, in the windows we used ready-made curtains from Ikea and tied them with knots in a special way. This gave the room a pulled together look, and dressing the windows helped make the space feel like a home, rather than just a small room.
Since our client has beach views, we wanted to bring in the sea life inspiration wherever we could. From seashells in the windowsill, to the birds on the wall, we wanted to embrace the outdoors, inside the home as well.

Bathroom Ideas
The one bathroom area is a good place to bring a neutral color palette and soft textiles into the space. To soften the look of the vanity we used a linen skirt and matched the shower curtain to unify the space. Simple decor items like a flowering orchid make for a beautiful space without over cluttering with visual elements.
The beauty of this space is that it also hides the washer machine! So the skirted area under the vanity housed the machine, and we used mirror cabinets for storage of toiletry items.

Living Area Ideas
When designing your small home, ensure functionality is at the heart of your intentions. In this small beach home, we utilized sofas that could convert into beds, to help the homeowner be able to accommodate visitors. 

Pulling inspiration from the beach, and seaside living, we covered an accent wall with bamboo and kept the breezy ocean home living theme throughout the entire space. Playful collections like these hats can be functional and decorative. Never miss an opportunity for display to act as decor too!

Ultimate views from either side of the balcony, makes this the best seat in the home. An affordable table from Ikea, simple dining chairs and a lounging area opposite, make this the treasure of the home. 

This simple but cozy beach view home is the perfect place to retreat to at the end of a long day. The affordable design ideas we used helped the homeowner make great multifunction areas, and still feel comfortable and relaxed. Ahhh… the ultimate home.



Adding color to your home can brighten up the atmosphere, add life to your interiors and make you happier all at the same time. Here are simple ideas to bring color to your home and life!

Throw a Few Pillows Around
Nothing adds color like pillows strategically placed on furniture and flowers. Whether you choose solids for a floral sofa or chair, or colorful, patterned pillows for a solid color chair or sofa, these simple additions will add comfort and just the right splash of color.

If you have a small chair, such as a desk chair or side chair, consider recovering the seat cushion. Fresh color on even this small area will offer interest and bring life to a dreary corner.

A colorful piece adds a decorative touch, but also introduces colors and shapes you might not be able to use in a larger area. Try framing simple photos with colorful mats and bright frames.

A colorful throw rug, strategically placed in front of a chair or under a coffee table can add color and texture to a living room. It can be put on top of hardwood flooring, painted floors, or carpet. You can choose a contrast color, chosen from fabric you’re using in the room, or look for one with an interesting pattern that ties into the theme of your room.

Adding pops of color throughout your home can make your interiors sing. Try some of these inspirational ideas for you home. From functional planters to bold throw pillows, be imaginative and see how your home will come alive with personality.




When it comes to the ultimate location in your home to escape from the world, the bathroom has to be the place to go! Aren’t you bored with the same bathroom decor? Luxury bathrooms are the ultimate place for design and pampering ideas, and I’m going to share some ideas for your home to bring the luxury in.
Whether your design style is contemporary, classic, exotic, or romantic, the bathroom is your private sanctuary that you can feel free to make it your own! If you are looking to add a few touches or you want to redo your entire bathroom, feel free to ask me for design advice for your home.
If you personally like glitz, glam and elegance, bathroom decor that symbolizes luxury with metals and bold geometrics are for you. Choose decorative items that show off reflectivity and opulent finishes.

Adding white to your bathroom, is another way to exude luxury, as white makes your bathroom feel spacious. An addition of a personalized shower, and a custom layout to suit your needs will make your bath area feel extra special.

Do you enjoy soft colors, vintage charm and traditional detailing in your interiors? If so, a romantic design style may be for your bathroom. From luxurious details like a gold accented vanity, matching plumbing fixtures, and soft lines will bring the romantic out of anyone!

Do you love minimalism, strong lines, and crisp geometric edges? Contemporary or modern design style incorporates all of these and more. The absence of less is more in contemporary bathrooms, and the luxurious Zen feeling of relaxation and serenity is iconic with modern bathrooms. Keep the colors natural, and reminiscent of nature for your ultimate bathroom environment.

Regardless of your design style, there are luxury additions to make your bathroom feel and function beautifully. A simple idea like changing out your lower-end laminate finishes to mirrored cabinetry is one example of instant upgrades. Reflective surfaces, as well as cultured marble, exotic wood, and granite are just a few ways to take your boring cabinet and countertops to instant glam! If you prefer traditional and classic touches, consider using a vintage dresser or an antique table and convert it to a gorgeous vanity!

Use these helpful ideas when thinking about adding luxury to your bathroom. From simple door pull additions and opulent finishes, to redoing your entire bathroom, the ability to add luxury amenities is never far.