Modern Elegance

In recent years there has been a strong trend in the interior design world to move to a modern approach to furnishings and to do it without the hard lines of straight minimalism. A modern elegance has been created where the lines are simplistic in their definition, and are paired with contemporary elements, which lends itself to relaxed living that is sophisticated and polished. Here are a few of my favorite modern elegance examples I’d like to share with you.

Urban influences
What I love about modern elegance aesthetics is the ability to make a space feel like it’s in an urban loft apartment, or in a renovated home with new twists on the old in styling.  In these rooms the furnishings are modern, but still have comfort in mind. Whether it’s in your dining room or living room, keep the elements simple and defined. Carry the theme into your kitchen with sleek appliances and pops of color throughout your rooms. I love this artichoke pendant lamp, just the right touch of comfortable living with a couture vibe thrown in!

Neutral color palettes compliment modern styling
If you’d like to mimic this style throughout your home, consider choosing a neutral color palette for your furnishings, flooring, decorative items and wall color. Along with color, avoid a lot of clutter and objects when decorating. Modern elegance is all about ‘less is more’, so choose elements that work beautifully together, like architecturally inspired chairs and table. 

The appeal of a modern home with contrasting finishes, colors and textures is what modern elegance exudes.  Find a dynamic chair or eye-catching contemporary pendant light and build your room around it. The modern design era is here and you can mimic the aesthetics in your interiors with these great ideas!




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  2. These are really amazing interior ideas... looks expensive but pretty damn worth it! I love the 5th photo - modern elegance at its best!


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