Making the Most of your Studio Apartment!

Your studio apartment is your pride and joy and you love how personable it is, but you don’t care for how small it is! Studio apartments have always been a challenge to decorate and furnish because of the limited space and the lack of separation in the spaces. Studio apartments accommodate all of your living and private functions in one area and there are tricks to make it look great and feel homey. Here are tips to create the studio apartment you’ve always wanted. 

Find hidden storage throughout your apartment
The key to functionality and enjoyment of your studio home is finding hidden storage areas throughout your humble abode. Space saving built-in shelving and use of unconventional storage is ideal. I love these stairs that double as drawers below. Use vertical space to your advantage, the back of doors and building closet organizers in your clothes closets and kitchen pantry area can increase storage tenfold.

 Remaining photo credits: Bedroom Design

Making your kitchen livable
In many studio apartments the kitchen is one area that gets slighted on space. A galley kitchen or a small “L” configured kitchen can make it hard for multiple people to use the kitchen at once. Make the most of storage with cabinetry that extends to the ceiling and lower cabinetry that is organized and easily accessible below. If you have the option, choose smaller major appliances to maximize the space. Don’t forget creative display areas too.  The backsplash over the counters can be utilized for hanging utensils, storing spices and organizational bulletin and message center to keep your life organized.

 Function and enjoyment in your bathroom
Just because your bathroom is small in your studio apartment doesn’t mean it cannot be relaxing and enjoyable to use. Organize toiletries and small handheld appliances like hairdryers in baskets, or collapsible organizational totes below the sink or adjacent closet. Keep accessories to a minimum and keep the counter space free of clutter to make your small bathroom feel larger and be a more enjoyable room to use. 

Your cozy studio apartment should be the place that you call home and you enjoy spending every minute in it. Use these helpful tips to maximize on space and decor. Keep your decorations light and airy. Heavy and dark colors will make your space feel small and closed in. Feel free to mix-and-match patterns, colors, and light textures to provide the perfect balance for your studio apartment home. 



  1. Amazing! The space is maximized in a very artistic way... architecture and interior design at its best. I love the finish on the wood cabinets, love them!

  2. Anonymous3/29/2012

    I feel like if you can afford to make THAT happen in a studio apartment, then you might as well get a bigger apartment.


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