Mastering the Art of Hanging Wall Pictures

Your home decor wouldn’t be complete without adorning your walls with beautiful colors and wall art. From framed photographs and wall art to murals and hanging textiles, your walls have a wide range of decor to choose from. Today I thought I would show you easy ways to hang pictures, and help your walls get that added boost of decor they maybe missing.  There are no rules, but simple decorating guidelines could always help!

Determine where you want to display artwork
While you may think that artwork only goes on a bare wall, there are several areas that are perfect for hanging pictures. Whether it is a stairwell wall, the stair risers themselves, over a fireplace, in bookshelves, over beds and in hallways are the most common areas. Use the above guide to help determine the angle and presentation style you would like for your special space. Take into account the scale of your pictures to the amount of display space you have.

Create a collage of pictures
Many photos and wall art look good on their own, while combining framed art into a collage or vignette is a designer idea that will create an instant focal point in your room. Choose frames that are similar in color, or shape, size, etc… Create a unified theme throughout, but also bring in contrast. Different colored material in frames shown below is a simple concept with an instant wow factor.

Wall stickers to customize easily
For wall art that is easily customizable, unique and can comes in hundreds of styles look to wall stickers or removable decals. From sayings and pictures to murals and entire wallscapes that go on like wallpaper the options are limitless! I especially love the sayings that are gorgeous and no fuss to apply and remove at anytime. 

Preserve the memories of your loved ones as well as bring gorgeous art to your walls with these inspiring ideas. It’s surprising how a few framed pieces of art, some old photographs or a thoughtful saying can make your house turn into a home. I always enjoy hearing what ideas you have created in your home, share with me on Facebook how you bring your walls alive with artwork.

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  1. reva kapoor2/01/2017

    are these photos lit up? and how. love the idea


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