Now that summer is here, spending time outdoors is mandatory! Whether you enjoy lingering outdoors for the warmer air or the chance to entertain longer, there is nothing better than a summer garden to brighten your outdoor home. With the beautiful colors, or the aromatic way plants and flowers freshen the air, here are ideas to make your summer garden beautiful.

Bring parts of your interiors outside and vice versa with natural furniture that create a unique space in your outdoor home. Lamps, potted plants, and organic materials make the perfect decor to beautify your front entry or porch area, bring garden inspiration anywhere, simply.

Summertime beckons us to entertain and dine outdoors. Add garden motifs with potted plants as centerpieces and natural decoration on your patio for a natural setting that is no-fuss and looks simply elegant. Add floral arrangements and crisp linens to pull the entire dining experience together.

Lanterns and candles are a perfect way to add natural light to your outdoor summer home. Whether lined on a stairwell, surrounding sitting areas, or along pathways in your garden, brighten your summer home with gorgeous lighting and candle ideas. Bring these helpful bursts of inspiration to your garden and enjoy everything that summer has to offer!




  Image: Kravet
After all these years in the interior design business, I think I should thank the companies that enabled me to create such beautiful work.
I start with Kravet Inc. They are a leader in the interiors industry in fabrics and textiles with luxury and exceptional design. They have long been synonymous with exceptional design and have helped me create beautiful interiors that my clients have enjoyed for years.

I have always loved the quality of Kravet textiles, and their furnishings. The fourth generation Kravet family has kept a tradition of offering gorgeous interiors amenities to the design world.
“Kravet distributes fabrics, furniture, wall coverings, trimmings, carpets and accessories. The family’s commitment to innovation has helped the company transform from a small fabric house to a global leader, representing brands and designers from all over the world.”… Kravet

Whether I am searching for trimmings and carpet samples to show my clients or I need interiors inspiration for my next project, I turn to Kravet for the latest colors, patterns, and textures to present to my most distinguished clientele. 
Image Kravet
 Image: Kravet

Image: Kravet
Video – History of Kravet Inc.

Whether you admire the Kravet family tradition for superior quality and beautiful interior details, or you are a professional home designer who enjoys bringing Kravet finds to your clients, they are definitely a world-class industry leader.
I personally want to thank Kravet for being a part of my interior design career and helping me create beautiful homes worldwide.



 The summertime is the best for having a wedding! The air is crisp and temperatures are warm and welcoming for attending a wedding. Whether you are the bride and groom or you are a guest, this is the best time for a wedding. I’ve always loved the details and fanfare that surrounds weddings and I thought I’d share some wedding inspiration ideas with you.

From the bride’s beautiful shoes down to the party favors, creating a summer wedding is ideal with simple colors and attention to detail. Create a focal point on the reception table with multiple cakes in coordinating color and decoration. Display place cards in a vintage suitcase with baby’s breath flowers for a welcomed surprise for guests to find their seats.

Have you ever been to a summer outdoor wedding reception that you didn’t absolutely love? When done right, outdoors weddings are a treat for the happy couple and the attendees. Let nature create a beautiful backdrop and carry the details onto the reception tables with natural decor.

Image courtesy of Preston Weddings
Send your guests home with love! Depending on what type of theme is chosen for summer weddings, creating a personal keepsake for guests to take home will help them remember the perfect day. Start off with gorgeous save the date cards months before your wedding and end the wedding with crafty items personalized by the happy couple!

It is the perfect time for a summer wedding! Whether you are counting down the days to your special day, or you just love looking at summer wedding ideas, use these tips, as you’d like. Summer weddings are the epitome of summer joy at its finest!




Image courtesy: Chari Web

Let’s be honest, how many of you would love to know what is behind the celebrity lifestyle of jet setting around the world in style in their private jets? You see your favorite celebs whisk off to their concerts, movie sets and luxury vacations in fabulous style, here’s a peek at these fabulous ‘hotels in the sky.

Whether you want to sleep, eat, or get entertained, its all possible in celebrity jets. No different than a luxury hotel the finishes, amenities, and even the service can be compared to that of a five star hotel. Many jets have a concierge staff waiting on the passengers to provide gourmet dining, drinking and pampering beyond your wildest dreams. I love how this bedroom looks like an urban penthouse, and it’s inside a jet.

For many celebrities while it may all look like leisure, business transactions, phone calls, and making business connections while in flight is essential to their celebrity lifestyle. Who doesn’t love a ‘home office’ that has all the amenities of a corporate office in it? From the chair and office desk setup to the ability to keep up with fans around the world, these world class jets have it all! 

Taking a peek into a celebrity jet shows you what an amazing experience traveling in high style will get you. Whether resting, playing, or conducting business, celebrity jets are no different than your favorite resort hotel, well maybe without the pool! It’s always great to see how interior designers can make any space into an experience. These celebrity jets are a wonderful example of living the life in the fast lane.




Image courtesy of Interior Arcade 

Of all the great action movie characters, James Bond has to be one of the coolest. Not only was all of his gadgets great but his houses were even more spectacular! If there is anyone who knew about style and living a posh life it was ‘Bond, James Bond’.
Take a look at one of his houses in Sweden, a beautiful villa that is lavish and luxurious in every way. The interior, garden and outdoor areas will leave you speechless! Take a look.

‘James Bond wakes up with an amazing landscape to contemplate at, enjoys fancy dinner during the day and throws out parties with his buds at night. ‘… Interior Arcade

Lavish And Luxurious Swedish Villa Of Hollywood Actor James Bond 

Designer John Robert Nilsson created this home especially for James Bond himself and together they melded nature and design in every part of the home. From the expansive infinity pool to the expansive floor to ceiling windows, there is a instant connection between the interior and exterior of this minimal contemporary home.

All photo credits: Interior Arcade

The interiors are like living on a movie set in themselves. With the impecabble white furnishings along with the expansive vistas that greet you in every room, you can see how James Bond would enjoy throwing the most lavish parties at his home. Wow James, you sure know how to live in style!



Getting the Taste of a Country Home with a City Rooftop Garden

Images courtesy of Secret Gardens

Living high atop an urban jungle can be a wonderful experience. The cosmopolitan life can be wonderful, between living in a high rise condominium to enjoying the benefits of a city lifestyle. One part of city dwelling that homeowners miss is the connecton to greenery and relaxing out in the sun. Here is a wonderful example in Sydney, Australia of a rooftop garden that will help reconnect to Mother Nature again.

Secret Gardens is a landscaping company that specializes in beautifying the outdoors, especially in unconventional spaces. This rooftop garden sits high above Sydney, for only its residents to enjoy.

‘Hidden over 25 floors above the city this green sculptured rooftop garden sits in the middle of skyscrapers. Buxus hedging and topiary cones add a formal element whilst iris and lavender create a whimsical effect. Timber seating frames the garden providing a place to sit and enjoy the garden and the amazing harbour views’... Secret Gardens

This gorgeous oasis is a wonderful example of enjoying both worlds, the cosmopolitan life of the urban city and the lush grounds of a palatial estate! What a treat it would be to enjoy this green space. Hope you enjoyed it and it gave you a few minutes to relax and take your cares away!



Peeking into Awesome Summer House in Mykonos Island

There is something awesome about peeking into a summer home that looks like it was built for relaxation and enjoying the sun. I found this beautiful summer home located in Mykonos Island and had to share it with you! From it’s pristine white exterior to its casual interiors, you will feel like you took a mini vacation. Enjoy!

Summer homes that celebrate the sun and warm weather are the perfect retreat and can make every day an enjoyable escape from the world. This gorgeous home has lovely outdoor areas that incorporate sea vistas everywhere you look. This infinity pool looks like the perfect spot to take a dip or lay next to all weekend long.

I especially enjoy how the outdoors and interiors seem to meld together in this summer home. Weathered wooden floors resemble beachwood that you could find along the shore and the neutral color pallette looks just like beach sand!

All photos courtesy of: Decoholic

Whether you are ready to go decorate your own summer home or you just love getting lost in beautiful interiors, this home in Mykonos Island can surely bring about great ideas. I love how each of these rooms offer a surprise you wouldn’t have expected. These bathrooms both have a treasure within them. From a orange colored vessel sink to a hidden view behind natural reed twigs, this home definitely has it all!



Discovering a Lovely Café in St. Petersburg Russia

I have to tell you, I fell in love with St. Petersburg Russia the minute I set foot in this historic city. While I only had two days to explore the city, I knew I needed to make the most out of every minute in this beautiful city. St. Petersburg looks like a fairytale as all the buildings are kept as they were and old aristocracy and culture is the first impression you fall in love with.
Here are a few of the highlights of my wonderful trip to St. Petersburg.

The Hermitage Museum includes so many exciting items, exhibits, and interesting artifacts it would take over a year to explore all of them! That is how extensive the collections are of great things to see and learn about.

One of the highlights of my trip came as I was wandering through the streets of St. Petersburg. I was admiring all the beautiful old buildings that have been kept in excellent condition and came across this unique and beautiful window.  I could peek inside and see the lovely coffee shop and all of the people enjoying a break from the day and sharing in lively conversation with one another. I was so intrigued and tired, I had to go in and experience it myself!

I was so delighted with the charm and attention detail on the interior of the coffee shop. There was hand painted walls and beautiful detailing of curtains above the doors, it was a lovely place to stop and enjoy life for a few moments.

Now that I was on the inside of the shop looking out, I could see out that beautiful window that I had admired from the street. It was even more interesting from the inside, all the quaint finds in the window ledge were a treat to witness in person and not just admire from the street. 

Upstairs was the restaurant and every corner was different than the others. All the fine details that were apparent downstairs in the coffee shop were even better in the restaurant. The furniture textures, the varying wallpaper that surprisingly looked great together and wasn’t distracting. The restaurant felt like you ere invited into someone’s home!

I had the feeling that a Russian Mama would come out of the kitchen. Instead there were young men and women dressed accordingly to the restaurant style, ready to help you choose the restaurant’s specialty with a very friendly smile on their face and the food they served was delicious and very elegantly served.

Leaving from this beautiful place, feeling content and relaxed, I looked up to the upper (restaurant) window.  I made a promise to myself. If I was ever fortunate enough to return to this beautiful city St. Petersburg, I would surely pay a visit again to this friendly restaurant. To be able to taste their beautiful food and experience the ambiance again with the traditional and very eclectic style they have mastered at this quaint coffee shop.