Enhancing your Home with Illuminating Light

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When decorating your home the colors, furniture, finishes and decorative elements are always considered but lighting is often forgotten. Lighting is the forgotten element that will make the difference in how you and your guests view your home. It will enhance or detract from the prettiest of rooms, and it can change the mood of your interiors without you even trying. Here are some helpful tips to consider when choosing lighting for your interiors. 
Set the overall mood with ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is the general illuminating of a room that helps you be able to see clearly and safely. While ambient lighting is functional it can also be soothing or harsh depending on how bright the light is and what types of bulbs are used. For most homes a soft glow is desired in most living spaces. While in kitchens and bathrooms, the option for brighter light is essential for safety and ease of using the space. Dimmers or light controls can be installed on ambient lighting fixtures to make controlling the ambient lighting easier for the homeowner.

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Accent lighting creates dramatic decoration

Lighting that is used to accent an architectural feature, a corner of your room, or just give visual interest to a small portion of your room is referred to as accent lighting, as it accents points of interest.  Accent lighting can become decoration in itself when used as sculptural art piece on the wall or it can lend subtle illumination in the case of wall sconces down a hallway or in a front foyer.

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Illuminate important tasks

Task lighting is one of the most important types of lighting for your home because it involves safety. It enables you to safely cut vegetables in the kitchen via under counter lighting or it helps your read the small print in your book in your home office. Task lighting is functional but it can also highlight decorative elements of your home. In the kitchen pendant lights over a bar can help your guests see their food while still lending gorgeous decorative accents to your kitchen. 

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Decorative lighting can beautify your space instantly

Many lighting fixtures in your home beautify the space more than add illumination. For example candelabras on a dining room table, a small decorative lamp in a powder room, or wall sconces that flank either side of a fireplace. These decorative lighting fixtures make your home feel polished and personalized. Consider using decorative lighting wherever you want to add a punch of decoration and pizzazz. 

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Illuminating your interiors with beautiful lighting shouldn’t be a challenge. Now that you see the different types of lighting you can go throughout your home and determine what fixtures will suit your needs and lifestyle. Remember every home has different lighting needs and a home that has multiple sources of light in every room will provide more versatility than a room with only one light as an option. The next time you are choosing color and decor for your interiors, don’t forget to choose lighting right alongside with it!


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