Brightening your Winter Home with a Sunroom

For most of us, the winter is growing long and we are ready for warm temperatures and the first signs of spring. Since we can’t speed up the seasons, we can enjoy the beautiful outdoors from inside our home with a sunroom.  A sunroom enables you to experience the outdoors with expansive windows and vistas without having to brave the frigid elements! Here are beautiful sunrooms to give you inspiration and keep you warm.

The perfect seating area
The purpose of sunrooms is the ability to sit, relax and enjoy the world outside in a comfortable way. Seating is at the heart of you enjoying your sunny space. Whether you have a dining space accompanied with benches and chairs, or you have a banquette and high back chairs, your seating should match your lifestyle. I love this porch bed swing in this sunroom, who wouldn’t want to relax here on a Sunday afternoon?

Bring in your favorite elements
If you plan on using your sunroom as a relaxing reading nook, or you have a sunroom adjacent to your master bedroom, bring in personal elements to make it feel like home. Your favorite throw blanket, a display of coffee table books, throw pillows and fresh plants can make a sunroom feel personalized instantly. If you use your sunroom for dining, ensure your table is comfortable for guests to linger and the seating accompanies the table beautifully.

Don’t let the weather outside make your indoors feel gloomy and cold. A sunroom can be enjoyed year around, and with the addition of your favorite seating, textiles, fresh flowers and color, you will feel as though it is spring twelve months out of the year! Personalize your sunroom to fit you and your family’s lifestyle and sit back and watch nature put on a show.



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