My Wish For the New Year 2012


.... I wish each and every one of you my friends, to have good health and happiness.  

….I wish every nation will have the strength to get through it’s  problems.  And this greedy war to stop this year, with peace.  

…..I wish Greece,  gets back on its feet, and stop the suffering of many.

….. I wish Europe would get through this crisis, united.  
….I wish 2012 brings peace and prosperity to every nation. Let's all hope that this will be a year filled with progress, healing, equilibrium and wisdom.

…. I wish all year, to see only photos like these full of joy, from all countries over the world.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year!


Each year, New Year’s Day represents many things. It can represent, renewal, a fresh start, a better way to look at the world, and to learn from our mistakes of the past. Whether this pertains to an entire world, country, family, or individual, the New Year makes us reflect.
In this end of the year, I want to thank you for welcoming Let’s Decorate Online into your home. This first year of my blog has been exciting, and I have met many new people worldwide, that I cherish building our friendships into 2012.
My gift to you are these gorgeous images of New Year’s celebrations around the world… enjoy!







Hong Kong


New York




Let’s be together
Happy New Year my friends!!!



Can you believe Christmas is almost here? Here I am wrapping my last Christmas gifts and I need 2 more for last minute guests on Christmas dinner.
So, since I have enough time, I might as well enjoy it. I called my friend to help me choose the presents and then have a coffee at one of  the beautiful coffee shops downtown.
The atmosphere was so lovely, with all the shops beautiful window displays, Santa Clauses at the shops, posing  for photos with kids on their lap and families going to buy (like me) last minute Christmas presents.
Some of the shops were so nicely decorated that made me feel like I was a kid again.
I loved it. I believe that shop window displays, are little works of art especially at the holiday season. Today, I thought I would share beautiful Christmas shop windows I loved. I hope you will like it too.

Christmas window themes
What a delight it is to see all of the Christmas themed windows. I think part of the magic of the holiday is how the store windows transport you into another place. Just like when we were children, the Christmas shop windows feel like we can walk right in! Who doesn’t love a magical fantasy to make them feel young again?

Christmas and fashionable windows
Retailers have known for a long time that people love to shop at the holidays, and when shoppers get lost in the beauty of the displays and the fashion, we might as well hand the stores our wallets and purses! I love the creative mannequins, and fashion displays at Christmas time. I especially love these playful evergreen skirts, what a gorgeous touch to a simple mannequin!

Colorful and whimsical touches
What is Christmas without the color and whimsical details that the season brings? From the brightly wrapped presents, to the yummy desserts and brightly lit displays, there is always room for joy when you see these delightful scenes in a window. Whether you see them in person, or only in images, the nostalgic feeling of being a kid at Christmas time can’t be helped.

Wherever you live, enjoy these days of love, sharing, and of course….shopping! Merry Christmas my friends.




Greta, My Facebook Friend, Organizes a Christmas Dinner Just for You

Christmas is a cherished time of year for everyone, whether you enjoy celebrating your friends and family, or you love the delicious aromas of Christmas food that take you back to your childhood, the season is for celebrating!
This year, one way I am enjoying the season, is by enjoying my friendships with good friends. It has been a pleasure to make new friends on Facebook, and share moments and photos of our lives. I have met many special people, and getting to know them (online), I distinguished some special talents, these ladies have.
One of these friends, Greta, has a very social life and she often organizes elegant dinners at home.
I admire her talent in dinner organizing and her delicious cooking and elegant table decoration, which I saw in her Facebook albums.
So I thought of asking her to help me with my ”Christmas dinner table decoration“ post and let me use some photos of her own, since we all try to find new decorating ideas on how to decorate our Christmas dinner. 

Enjoy Greta’s creations and take some ideas for your Christmas dinner table. I know I will copy a couple! Will you too?  

When coming to a dinner party, the front entrance sets the scene for the entire evening. Her house seems so welcoming just from the entrance!  The illuminating glow from the inside, and the warm lanterns at the entry make guests anticipate the beautiful evening that awaits them.

Glimmering details like these gold accented ornaments make a beautiful and easy centerpiece for the dinner table. The collection of vintage, smooth, and textured ornaments gives the table visual interest, and a touch of nostalgia for the dinner party.

What I love about Greta’s Christmas dinner table is that everything has a gorgeous glow! From the dinnerware, and stemware glasses to the ornately detailed candlestick holders. The layered table linen with gold accents makes for a beautiful backdrop for the entire tablescape.

Throughout Greta’s home there are touches of Christmas decor that make guests want to sit and linger. I especially love these topiary urns gracing the windowsill. They add height and visual interest to what could be an empty space. The simple yet elegant decor is a special detail that I love!

The Christmas tree is always the highlight of the room. These vintage style ornaments add to the overall ambiance of a magical evening. The decor, food, and experience looks like every guest wouldn’t want to ever leave!
Thank you Greta for letting my readers take a glimpse into what you prepare for your gorgeous Christmas dinner party. What a wonderful display of caring for your guests, and embracing the warmth and joy that Christmas brings!


Bringing Christmas Atmosphere to your Front Yard

All Christmas decorations refer to decorating your living room, your fireplace, or your stairs but what about the outside of your home? How about Christmas decorations for your garden?
While we all love for our indoor home to have Christmas inspiration, your outdoor home is what makes the neighborhood look festive, and it brightens everyone’s spirits at the same time!
Here are a few Christmas outdoor decorating ideas to give your exterior the same joy as your interiors.

Garland and Pinecones
One of the simplest ways to decorate your outdoor holiday home is with garland and pinecones. Whether you choose to use live or artificial, both can look gorgeous with pops of red and burgundy accents. Consider decorating around your mailbox, at your front porch on a bench, or even your garden bench that won’t be used until spring! Christmas balls – especially the shiny plastic ones that won’t break, will look great interspersed among the green foliage.

Sparkle and Light
The most magical part of Christmas decorating is the sparkle and light that comes with the holiday. In your outdoor home, carry out this theme with candles lining your stairs, or outdoor string lighting that comes in a variety of shapes. One idea I have seen is to use Epsom Salt inside of tall jars and a votive candle. It gives the look of fresh snow inside a jar! Perfect for welcoming guests into your home on a cold winter evening.

Playful Additions
Over the years, outdoor whimisical lawn decor has received a bad reputation! We all know of the decor that can be over the top, and light up the whole neighborhood. How about this year, you introduce tasteful outodoor lawn ornaments that look great, and cast a beautiful glow? These lighted balls, and pretty presents would look great outside of anyone’s Christmas home.

Welcome Simplicity
While the Christmas season seems likes its always a chance to “go big”, it is also the season for enjoying the little things, and simplicity in your outdoor decor is a delightful way. Simple decor such as a basket of pinecones near the front entry, a playful wood snowman sign, or just a welcoming wreath on your front door can speak wonders!

Decorate your outdoor Christmas home with these beautiful additions. Whether you choose natural accents that you find around your home, or you bring out festive lighting, there is no wrong way to bring out the magic of the season. Once the sun goes down, how festive it will be to see your holiday home light up! 




Show How Much you Care, with these Wrapping Ideas

I walk around the shops, for many days now trying to find the perfect gift for each special person to me, on my long Christmas list. 
Now I sit next to gift bags, scissors, ribbon and decorative paper and try to wrap the Christmas presents.  I really enjoy it, and try my best to make them look as pretty as I can because I strongly believe “It matters the way you present a gift, more than its value”
Here is some of my favorite holiday wrapping ideas to lend inspiration for you as you wrap your beautiful gifts this season.

Making gifts look luxurious
Wrap gifts in inexpensive paper, then add a narrow band of luxury paper around the package and finish off with ribbon so it looks like you've splurged on expensive wrapping. This is a great way to get a luxurious look on a tight budget, as a large sheet of expensive paper goes a long way. 

Creative Embellishments
Another way to make gifts look gorgeous is to use playful and whimsical embellishments. From bells, to small ribbons, and fun gift tags, there are plenty of additions to make to your festive presents. After all, the paper sets the background for your colorful additions to the overall presentation. Get creative, and use items from a craft store from dried flowers and berries, to holiday ornaments!

Free printable gift cards
With today’s technology, you can print free gift cards out of the comfort of your home. Feel free to use these creative gift tags I found for you. All you have to do is print and cut. These tags will make wrapping gifts stress free, and they look like you spent hours personalizing them. 

While we know Christmas isn’t about receiving, it’s all about giving, we all love receiving gorgeously wrapped gifts. Show your friends and family how much you care for them with these gift-wrapping ideas. The little details make all the difference, and a beautifully presented gift means more than the treasure inside!
Happy gift wrapping!




Weddings with Christmas Spirit

I have this thing with weddings…. Am I incurably romantic? Maybe. Or…. maybe, I’m missing organizing my Princess’ wedding. Last Year, I looked on every wedding site there is on the internet, to seek inspiration to decorate my daughter’s wedding.  
Weddings always seem to me like a fairytale. Since Christmas time is a joyful and magical time of year, and full of Christmas fairytale stories, I tried to imagine a wedding at Christmas time. And here it is! Isn’t it lovely and yet, so different from weddings we usually have in mind?
To the brides that are getting married this Christmas,” why don’t you try to add some Christmas spirit in your wedding decoration! You will surely love the difference it makes, and you will cherish for years to come”
Enjoy these Christmas wedding ideas to get inspired, give you ideas, or just daydream about a gorgeous fairytale wedding at Christmas time!

Colors of the Season
Christmas time has always had a mystical magic about it, and when paired with a couple’s most memorable event of their life, a wedding, who doesn’t love a Christmas wedding?
A color palette of red, green, white are fitting for the day. From the floral decorations of the church, the wedding parties attire, to the reception decor, the colors of the season can be infused everywhere. Poinsettias, holly, evergreen sprigs, and pinecones are all beautiful natural elements to carry out the Christmas theme.

Reception decor
The reception is the perfect place to go all out with color, and glamorous accents. Infuse color into the dining tables with bright flowers in varying hues of color to add depth and richness to the tablescape. Shiny Christmas ornaments on each setting make for beautiful favors to take home to remember the gorgeous holiday event, and adds sparkle to each guests seat.  
Beauty in the details
The beauty of weddings is the attention to details that pull the entire event off as one glorious event. Let the Christmas theme start with crimson red invitations to greet your guests in their mailbox! They will already know what a festive holiday event this will be from the very first detail to grace their home.
Christmas time is also the perfect time to infuse creativity of the season. From a Santa’s hat shaped container for the flower girl to carry down the aisle, to playful candy striped attire to welcome the new couple into the world, play up the whimiscal and festive nature of a Christmas wedding.

The glamour of the holiday
Let’s not forget the glamous appeal of the wedding attire. From the bride, and her court to the Groom and his men, red is definitely in order for a Christmas wedding. Any other time of the year, red could be looked at as too powerful for a wedding, but for the holidays, its fitting, gorgeous and expected! Coordinated with the bride’s bouquet, the boutonnieres, and the floral arrangements, bring out the colors of the season with holiday glam.
Holiday weddings are gorgeous, and especially those at Christmas! With the couple living out a magical time of year, and the guests wanting to celebrate alongside with them, Christmas makes for the perfect time of year for a wedding. If you’re planning a wedding, use these inspiring ideas, and if any of you attend a Christmas wedding, share with us some of the gorgeous ideas, to add on to these!