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“A long day at work and an equally long trip back home in rush hour traffic; the only respite from this tiring monotony on most days is the vision of your bedroom, where you can crash as soon as you reach home. And if this sanctum of yours is as boring and routine as your day is, then the appeal of even that oasis is lost. Maybe this is a situation when you need to refurnish the interiors of your bedroom and think about bedroom decorating. A bedroom that is decorated in such a manner with the help of cool bedroom designs, so that it uplifts your mood, refreshes you at the end of the day and caters to your aesthetic sensibilities can be the perfect solution to the end of the day blues.” - Courtesy of Buzzle

Relaxing bedroom interiors
Your bedroom is one of the few places in your entire home that is dedicated to you, and how you relax and unwind from the stresses of the world. To enhance your relaxing interiors, consider what colors feel good around you and what you enjoying going to sleep and waking to every day. Soothing pastels, refreshing spring colors, and muted inspirational colors are good standbys. Grays, greens, blues, corals, and even refreshing yellows and oranges that aren’t too bold can be a beautiful addition to your bedroom.
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Bring on the drama
While your personal design styles maybe all about relaxation, others would prefer a dramatic bedroom that creates a mood that is unmistakably sophisticated. Adding a dramatic eye-catching element like a canopy bed or a pronounced tufted headboard can instantly bring drama and a focal point. Other drama catching elements can be a fireplace, a bold accent wall of color, or a sexy chaise lounge that demands to be relaxed on! If you have a killer view outside your bedroom, take advantage of the natural drama that occurs in nature, by positioning your bed and furnishings in the same direction.

Personalize your bedroom with all the amenities that make you feel comfortable and relaxed everyday. From the color and finishes you choose to the gorgeous bedding and textiles that grace your windows and chairs, your room should feel like a sanctuary. Don’t forget to enhance your bedroom with essential lighting. Bedside table lighting and overhead pendant lights can help create task and ambient lighting for your lifestyle bedroom needs. Enjoy creating a sanctuary you love to wake up to!


Live in COLOR!

Live  in  COLOR

Lately I am inspired from my inbox in Facebook. Many friends are asking me about different challenges they face in decorating their homes and I thank you guys for this. This way I know what you would like to read about! I have been asked many times about color combinations and how to use strong colors in decorating your home.
Well color is a very delicate matter. It can make wonders. Although, it can also make your room uninviting, and make you want to run out of it! J
My golden rule is:
What I mean is in nature we find beautiful combinations that we can copy and have a safe result in our own homes.
My other golden rule is:
Here are some tips for using color and finding complimenting colors. Orange is everywhere we turn, from home interiors to fashion. Look at these ways to make orange compliment your interiors fashionably.  
Finding a perfect color balance
Color can be bold, soft, intense, or delicate, and finding the right balance in color is the secret behind you feeling at peace when you enter a room, or on edge. Creating a balance is also about finding colors that work well together, as if in nature. There is nothing that occurs in nature that is only one color. Even an orange, has hues of dark and light, strong and delicate. 

Making your interiors pop with orange
In your home, choose a dominant color and then supporting colors that will enhance the palette when placed together in your room. In these bedrooms and living room images, the pops of coral orange color works well with the complimenting neutrals of mushroom grays.

Borrow inspiration from designers
There is a shared love of color between home interiors and the fashion industry in terms of design inspiration. In fact, Pantone color named ‘Tangerine Tango’ its color for 2012. A nod from the design world that orange and variations of this vibrant color are here to stay! Whether you are trying to find coordinating colors for your furniture or your handbag, orange is the go-to color this year. Designers around the world are using orange in textiles, clothing, and pairing it with bold and subtle colors. 

See how orange can be brought into your home with these helpful ideas. From your fashionable attire you wear to feel inspired, to your playful corals, peaches, and tangerine color painted walls you use throughout your home, orange is a welcomed color in every home. Remember, how bold or muted you go is up to you. That’s the beauty of design and color; it’s all up to you and your creative imagination!




Window Treatments…it’s a long story!

Almost everyday my Facebook inbox has a message for me from a friend asking me about a decorating problem she is facing with her home. This pleases me a lot because it gives me ideas of what you would like me to write about. The most often asked questions are about curtains. In today’s post I will help you with you window treatment challenges, and I tried to give as many possibilities as I could. I hope it helps many of you.
Treating your windows
For many homes, windows are the connection between the interiors and the exteriors, and are used to open up a space and make it feel more human and real. Window treatments are a nice of way of decorating your windows to create a finished and dressed look. They also serve other purposes, such as keeping out glaring sunlight, providing privacy from the outside, and they help control the temperature inside your home. Here are some decorative window treatment ideas for your bare windows I thought you would enjoy.

Curtains aren’t only for windows
While we all love to see beautiful curtains displayed at our windows, curtains can also serve as room dividers, focal points for the eye, or they can create a visual textured wall to delineate areas of your open space.  This striped curtain’s bold stripes are dynamic in this subtly colored bathroom. The ability to close them off for privacy is an added bonus!
Automated window treatments
Long gone are the days when we you had to control your window treatments with long cords, or cumbersome wands to turn. In modern interiors automation has become key and has opened the way for adding window treatments to skylights, ceiling high windows, and more.  Now you can change the ambiance in your home with a touch of a remote control.

Still enjoying the views
The ability to be able to see gorgeous views outside of your window doesn’t have to be sacrificed by your window treatments. Several window treatment manufacturers offer sheer treatments; mesh blinds, or partial roman shades. There is probably a window treatment for every window condition you can think of. Whether you live on a golf course, have a beautiful pool to gaze at, or you just want to watch your children playing outside. Sheer window treatments can cut the glare and still provide you with unobstructed views.             

Decorative window treatments to fit your design style
In addition to the functional use of window treatments is the decorative way they can enhance your interiors. Whether you like traditional, modern, romantic, or French-country, there are as many treatments as there are colors to compliment them! First, decide what type of window treatment fits your needs, and then determine what size you will need. Custom treatments can be made for irregular or custom sized windows too! Once you have these, find a design style that matches the rest of your interiors.

I used to say that window treatment and carpets…complete the interior design job. The best interior projects without curtains and carpets is unfinished. Use these helpful tips to bring beauty to your windows, and to help you with challenges such as too much light, not enough privacy, or a combination of both.  Your interiors will love how well they are complimented by window treatments.




Kitchen Nooks: The Heart of your Home

I am sitting in my kitchen, after having a “girl’s talk” with many laughs with my younger daughter.
I am still smiling, and looking at the table and I think to myself,  “Around this table we shared our family’s good and sad moments”.
So I thought, I should write a post about kitchens and why they are the most important part of your home.
The congregation spot of your home
Out of all the places in your home, the kitchen is the one spot that every inhabitant of your home goes to get nourished, and congregates with the rest of the household. There is no wonder we love them so much! Kitchen nook seating areas are the perfect area to share a laugh, swap stories about each other’s day, and of course, eat a delightful meal. The kitchen nook should reflect your lifestyle of your family as well as your sense of design to inspire all who enjoy the space.
 Jennifer Lopez residence - Veranda magazine

Comfy seating
Depending on the size of your kitchen nook will dictate what type of seating to incorporate. Large upholstered chairs maybe appropriate in a formal kitchen nook, while a built-in bench or pull-up chairs may fit your family perfectly. Remember, your nook area should be comfortable for hours of conversation, dining, and enjoying each other’s company.

Complimentary lighting
The lighting at your kitchen nook can make the difference between your inhabitants wanting to get up quickly from the table, or wanting to linger and share another cup of coffee and continue the conversation. Choose lighting that compliments the style, and colors of the surrounding kitchen, and decor. For the ability to change the lighting output, consider installing a light dimmer to create a different ambiance, depending on your guests.

Home interiors Cecconi Simone 

What a warm and inviting place your kitchen nook is. Whether it is a stand-alone area adjacent to the kitchen, or your kitchen bar serves as a ‘nook’, bring your guests and family together in style. Emphasize the lifestyle of your family. If you have a large family, long benches and a farm style table may be more suitable than a round table with a few chairs. Your kitchen nook is where you make memories. Enjoy designing this special space of your home!





Our pets are cherished as much as our own children, and often times keeping up with them and their organization can be a challenge! 

I renovated a house with a garden lately and the lady of the house had asked me to find a solution for her cat’s to enter in and out of the garden. To solve her dilemma, I made a very small swing door at the bottom of her kitchen door that locks also for the night!
She loved how it worked for her cat and I was so pleased to find a solution that worked for her and her pet. From that experience and from my own dog experience (I have a 13 year-old pequinese dog) I realized my readers could benefit from some pet organization ideas and solutions. I hope you find this post useful! 

A place for everyone
Whether you are organizing for people or pets, the idea of having a place for everything doesn’t change. Since most pets don’t clean up after themselves, we need helpful solutions to make your pet access their area easily and still make your interiors look great. Determine what the lifestyle is of your pets. Whether they are indoor or outdoor, and how large of an area they need for eating, playing and resting. Design your home to reflect their lifestyle and yours! The eating area can be customized into your kitchen cabinetry, or can be hidden in clever wall and furniture units.

Comfortable and stylish sleeping areas
Determine if your furry family member needs his or her own bed, or if an integrated area within a communal area is ideal. For larger pets consider if you need the ability to close them off, or if the sleeping quarters can be open to the rest of your home. The possibilities are endless for your pet, look at these ideas:

Easy access
When planning your pet’s area, ensure there is easy access for your pets to feel independent and happy to roam. Creative solutions can mean adapting pet doors, customizing cabinetry, and even designing a pet area of your home that is solely adaptable for your pet. Ensure this area works for the rest of your family too.

And this is my lady!!! She is a Pequinese and she been with our family for 13 years now.She is nice and sweet… and likes to hide among the pillows :)

Organize and design your home with your pet in mind. While it may seem frivolous, your pet brings you and your family joy and ensuring your home allows for both of you to enjoy your interiors is essential. Let me know if you have any other pet organization and interior ideas you’ve tried in your home, I’d love to try out some new ideas!






Welcoming Guests with an Inviting Foyer

The first impression is the one that stays…

The moment you walk into a home, the entry foyer is the first impression that greets your guests and the last impression they see leaving your home. Many people think the foyer is a place to come out of the cold, and hurry into the warmer part of the house! While it does serve as a vestibule, it also is the perfect area to add decorative touches to introduce the rest of your home.  Here are a few of my favorite ideas to welcome in guests and to set the tone for your gorgeous home.

Make a Statement
Your foyer is the first opportunity to make a statement about your home, your style, and show off beautiful finishes, colors and patterns. Whether you have a floor with a commanding pattern, such as mosaic tile, granite, or a marble insert to catch the eye, or commanding doors to usher in your guests, determine what makes your foyer unique and go for it.
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Furniture can make the foyer
If you are fortunate enough to have a foyer that can fit furniture, this is a great opportunity to add sophistication, drama, and even a touch of glamour to your foyer. Scale furniture in relation to your space, and ensure there is enough space for guests to walk freely by, since the foyer is a point of entry and leaving to your home. Enlarge the feel of the space with a decorative mirror, table, and a tablescape theme full of decorative items: vase, collectibles, or a beautiful urn. 
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Accentuate your stairwell
For those living in a multi-story home, your foyer adjacent to your stairs is another great area to decorate, especially with seating, lighting, and decorative wall art. Play up the colors and finishes of your stairwell, and borrow design elements into your foyer to meld the two spaces aesthetically. The foyer is a perfect place for guests to wait and ensuring this area is adorned with beautiful decor will help the wait not seem so long!

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Your foyer can say a lot about your home, and bringing in beautiful finishes, furniture, and welcoming colors can help make it memorable. If your foyer has a dramatic ceiling, play it up with the addition of an eye-popping pendant light fixture. The opportunity to welcome your guests with an inviting foyer can be easily achieved!