Is there any more precious gift in the world than that of a baby? From there precious bodies to their adorable clothes and home furnishings that go along with them, babies are the single most adored gift to this world. For that reason, I dedicate today’s post to decorating the nursery and all the creative ideas for adding color, cute accessories that embody the beautiful creations we call babies.

Decorating the walls

The walls of a nursery are the perfect place to house keepsake memories such as shadow boxes of adorable clothing, or baby’s first shoes and memorabilia. Wall art in the form of painted murals, adhesive stickers and decorative shelving can take on themed nurseries that can change your child’s room into a wonderland.

Furniture makes the nursery

Let’s face it, the furniture in your baby’s nursery is what gives the room a personality and what easily defines the interior style of the room. From the crib and changing table to the seating, lamps and accessories around the room, the furniture you choose is important. Decide if you will choose furniture that evolves with your child or if you will get new furniture throughout their stages of childhood. Bring color and a theme from the walls into bedding, accent rugs, and throw pillows for the parent seating.

The nursery is one of the few rooms of your home that you can let your imagination run wild and enjoy the creativity to show off sweet dreams and beautiful decor. Use these images as inspiring ideas for your nursery and create lasting memories of your own. Every baby is unique and so should their nursery. Fill it with all of the love and wonderment that your baby will bring to this world!



  1. Very lovely decors! Just what I have in mind for my little princess.


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