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Let’s be honest, how many of you would love to know what is behind the celebrity lifestyle of jet setting around the world in style in their private jets? You see your favorite celebs whisk off to their concerts, movie sets and luxury vacations in fabulous style, here’s a peek at these fabulous ‘hotels in the sky.

Whether you want to sleep, eat, or get entertained, its all possible in celebrity jets. No different than a luxury hotel the finishes, amenities, and even the service can be compared to that of a five star hotel. Many jets have a concierge staff waiting on the passengers to provide gourmet dining, drinking and pampering beyond your wildest dreams. I love how this bedroom looks like an urban penthouse, and it’s inside a jet.

For many celebrities while it may all look like leisure, business transactions, phone calls, and making business connections while in flight is essential to their celebrity lifestyle. Who doesn’t love a ‘home office’ that has all the amenities of a corporate office in it? From the chair and office desk setup to the ability to keep up with fans around the world, these world class jets have it all! 

Taking a peek into a celebrity jet shows you what an amazing experience traveling in high style will get you. Whether resting, playing, or conducting business, celebrity jets are no different than your favorite resort hotel, well maybe without the pool! It’s always great to see how interior designers can make any space into an experience. These celebrity jets are a wonderful example of living the life in the fast lane.



  1. Looks nothing like a jet to me but a luxurious house. WOW... all I can say is, I want to experience this even for just one fine day. Ha ha!

  2. I wish you do Jaf!


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