Whilst we can think of hundreds of reasons why you should go to Greece, here are our top 10…

1 1.   Excellent Value For Money

Whilst certain factors that are out of our control like the recent spike in fuel have been attributable to price rises to holidays in general, we have noticed that Greece offers better value for money than it did in previous years.

2. Perfect Climate

There are long periods of sunshine with Greece boasting over 300 days of sunshine a year. Spring & Autumn are great times to visit Greece especially for those who enjoy walking.
3. Probably the Safest Holiday Destination in the World

Despite its economic woes, Greece remains one of the safest holiday destinations. Even petty crime on most of our islands is non – existent.
4. Greece Has the Best Beaches & Cleanest Waters in The Mediterranean

Out of a total 3650 blue flag beaches worldwide 379 are in Greece – more than 10 %. Turkey with a larger coastline has 314, Italy 232 & England 70.
5. Mouth Watering Cuisine 

You are truly spoiled for choice – A variety of mouthwatering dishes to please most discerning pallets.
6. Greece is great For Families 

Greeks love children! Feel at ease and relaxed – what better reason to enjoy a holiday with your family – Everyone is welcome!
7. A Plethora of Choice

No other country offers the diversity of Greece. With over 6000 islands each one so unique and different from the other, breath-taking coastlines, secluded beaches and picturesque villages – you are truly spoilt for choice.

8. A Rich & Colourful History

Where ever you go in Greece you will be encapsulated by the country’s vibrant history which has had a profound impact on the modern world. It was the Greeks who invented Democracy, The Olympics, Modern Medicine, Mathematics, and Physics to name a few things that have shaped the modern world.  

9. Philoxenia

A Greek word meaning hospitality and welcoming strangers! For which Greeks are renowned for!

10. You Will Be Helping Greece Get Back on Track!

 Image: Visit Greece

Tourism is the most important Greek industry . Taking your holiday in Greece this year will go a long way in helping Greece to get back on track. Greeks are truly appreciative of your support as we are!
Me and all Greeks …..can assure you that your beautiful memories from your trip to Greece will last for a life time.


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