Getting the Taste of a Country Home with a City Rooftop Garden

Images courtesy of Secret Gardens

Living high atop an urban jungle can be a wonderful experience. The cosmopolitan life can be wonderful, between living in a high rise condominium to enjoying the benefits of a city lifestyle. One part of city dwelling that homeowners miss is the connecton to greenery and relaxing out in the sun. Here is a wonderful example in Sydney, Australia of a rooftop garden that will help reconnect to Mother Nature again.

Secret Gardens is a landscaping company that specializes in beautifying the outdoors, especially in unconventional spaces. This rooftop garden sits high above Sydney, for only its residents to enjoy.

‘Hidden over 25 floors above the city this green sculptured rooftop garden sits in the middle of skyscrapers. Buxus hedging and topiary cones add a formal element whilst iris and lavender create a whimsical effect. Timber seating frames the garden providing a place to sit and enjoy the garden and the amazing harbour views’... Secret Gardens

This gorgeous oasis is a wonderful example of enjoying both worlds, the cosmopolitan life of the urban city and the lush grounds of a palatial estate! What a treat it would be to enjoy this green space. Hope you enjoyed it and it gave you a few minutes to relax and take your cares away!


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