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Of all the great action movie characters, James Bond has to be one of the coolest. Not only was all of his gadgets great but his houses were even more spectacular! If there is anyone who knew about style and living a posh life it was ‘Bond, James Bond’.
Take a look at one of his houses in Sweden, a beautiful villa that is lavish and luxurious in every way. The interior, garden and outdoor areas will leave you speechless! Take a look.

‘James Bond wakes up with an amazing landscape to contemplate at, enjoys fancy dinner during the day and throws out parties with his buds at night. ‘… Interior Arcade

Lavish And Luxurious Swedish Villa Of Hollywood Actor James Bond 

Designer John Robert Nilsson created this home especially for James Bond himself and together they melded nature and design in every part of the home. From the expansive infinity pool to the expansive floor to ceiling windows, there is a instant connection between the interior and exterior of this minimal contemporary home.

All photo credits: Interior Arcade

The interiors are like living on a movie set in themselves. With the impecabble white furnishings along with the expansive vistas that greet you in every room, you can see how James Bond would enjoy throwing the most lavish parties at his home. Wow James, you sure know how to live in style!


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