The summertime is the best for having a wedding! The air is crisp and temperatures are warm and welcoming for attending a wedding. Whether you are the bride and groom or you are a guest, this is the best time for a wedding. I’ve always loved the details and fanfare that surrounds weddings and I thought I’d share some wedding inspiration ideas with you.

From the bride’s beautiful shoes down to the party favors, creating a summer wedding is ideal with simple colors and attention to detail. Create a focal point on the reception table with multiple cakes in coordinating color and decoration. Display place cards in a vintage suitcase with baby’s breath flowers for a welcomed surprise for guests to find their seats.

Have you ever been to a summer outdoor wedding reception that you didn’t absolutely love? When done right, outdoors weddings are a treat for the happy couple and the attendees. Let nature create a beautiful backdrop and carry the details onto the reception tables with natural decor.

Image courtesy of Preston Weddings
Send your guests home with love! Depending on what type of theme is chosen for summer weddings, creating a personal keepsake for guests to take home will help them remember the perfect day. Start off with gorgeous save the date cards months before your wedding and end the wedding with crafty items personalized by the happy couple!

It is the perfect time for a summer wedding! Whether you are counting down the days to your special day, or you just love looking at summer wedding ideas, use these tips, as you’d like. Summer weddings are the epitome of summer joy at its finest!



  1. Yeah, couldn't agree more. Summertime is the best time for weddings since the weather is perfect , always sunny... so that makes it ideal to have your wedding anywhere you want!

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