Wardrobe is a girl’s best....room!

Let’s face it ladies, is there any room in your home that you love to spend more time in than your closet? Whether you’d like it to be bigger, more organized, or it to have a bigger wardrobe, your closet area speaks volumes about you. It’s always fun to look at other wardrobe closets to get ideas of how to improve yours….trust me, there is always a way to add or enhance upon what you already have. Here are some ideas to implement in your wardrobe closet.

Organization is key
While we would all like a larger closet, organization is actually more important than size. For organization gives you the ability to go in, choose what you want, get dressed and be on to other tasks in your day. Organization of shoes, hanging garments, folded garments, jewelry, dressy and casual attire, the list goes on. Choose organization shelving and drawers to match your lifestyle and clothing.

Make your wardrobe closet comfortable
Your closet will get a lot of foot traffic from you. In fact, many women spend more time choosing their clothes than any other room in the house! Ensure your closet area is comfortable with seating options, plenty of mirrors, and natural light if possible. Natural light will help you see how you will look in ‘real light”, and it will also help you feel better as you decide on your wardrobe choices. If you have space, bring in collectibles, pictures, and artwork to personalize your closet area.

Your wardrobe closet is more than a utilitarian space. It is a room of your home that helps you create your signature style. Create a closet that is inspiring to walk into everyday. Bring in coordinating colors from your adjacent bedroom, lamps, and small amenities from your living room areas to make your closet one of a kind. Assess your lifestyle and how much time you spend in your closet. The sky is the limit in choosing beautiful colors, display, and organization touches!




  1. Out of all the rooms I am excited to design, the closet will def. be my favorite!

  2. I hope this post helps you do it Alpha Blonde!


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