Bringing Calming Blue & Green into your Interiors

There is something so calming and inviting about colors that are derived from nature. Blue and green are two of the most welcoming colors for your interiors because humans relate to them in nature. From the blue sky and water found in our everyday world to greenery that soothes our soul, blue and green are perfect for your interiors. Here are simple ways to bring this color combination into your home.

Pairing the duo together
Whether you choose light or dark shades of blue and green, the two complements each other beautifully. From your bedding and bath linens to paint colors for your walls, try experimenting with different saturation of the two colors. The lighter spectrum of blue or green can be used as the field color for your room, and the other color can be used as accents for curtains, textiles, and decorative items throughout your space.

Accent colors to blue and green
While blue and green look fabulous together, bringing in accent colors to help the duo blend into your individual home can be a welcomed change. Yellow, and brown naturally bring out the undertones in blue and green. A simple centerpiece made of fresh lemons, limes or green apples makes the perfect dinner table accompaniment. While dark wood, and browns create a neutral play on natures colors that warms up your space and welcomes guests into your home effortlessly.

Try introducing blues and greens into your interiors. Whether they are used as accents to a beautifully white bedroom, or you choose a heavier saturation in your public spaces of your home, these two colors will create a heavenly place to retreat to with your family at the end of a long day. Do you use blue and green combinations in your home? I’d love to know what special ways you incorporate this natural duo into your interiors!

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