Creating a Relaxing Home Library

For many of us, taking in a good book or magazine in our favorite chair is the ultimate retreat to a long day. Home libraries are a wonderful room of your home to keep your literary collections, cherished collectibles, and one-of-a-kind treasures. Whether you prefer a traditional library with dark hardwoods and high back Queen Anne chairs, or you like a modern and minimalistic library, here are ideas to help create a relaxing one for your home.
Libraries as architectural details
In many homes, the architectural details of the home produce dynamic libraries! With unique and geometric shelving, built in cabinetry and unique angled lines, let your home steer your creativity. Under stairs, adjacent to atriums, and along awkward walls may make the best and unexpected spot for your home library. 

Bring in the light
One of the most important aspects of your home library should be lighting. If possible, natural light through adjacent windows or skylights is ideal. Pendant lamps, ambient overhead lighting, and side table lamps should be considered for nighttime reading. Wall sconces also make for a beautiful aesthetic in your home library. Especially if you have artwork, sculptures or other decorative amenities in your library, lighting can enhance every corner. Sit in each area of your library at different times of the day to ensure you have ample and beautifying light.

Intimate libraries
While you may always associate home libraries with being large and spacious, intimate libraries are perfect in small nooks of your home that may be wasted space. Create an intimate library with seating, shelving, and a lighting source, the rest is up to you! Libraries can reside in a tucked away landing on a flight of stairs, or even next to a window seat. Look through your home for walls that need a function, I bet they would make a perfect spot for a small and intimate library.

Your home library should be a gateway to relaxation, adventure, and a mysterious land… all by opening up books in your library. With these helpful tips, transform a room, or small corner of an office into a retreat that you can’t wait to get home to. After all, if you can’t relax and escape from the world in your home library, where else can you? Enjoy the escape!

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