New & modern ideas for the traditional bunk bed

Whether you are blessed with a houseful of children or you have limited space in your home, bunk beds are a wonderful way to bring creative sleeping areas to your interiors. Bunk beds have come a long way since they were first introduced and today the possibilities are endless. From themed bunk beds to traditional and modern, the idea of fitting more people in a space comfortably is the ingenious concept behind bunk beds.  Here are some of my favorites that I found to give you ideas for your home.

Playful separation
The fun and whimsical nature of bunk beds is the playful separation in the bedroom it can create. Whether you want to delineate sleeping areas with colorful bedding or you are trying to maximize space in a small room, bunk beds do this beautifully. Try painting all your bunk beds with a neutral color, and then choose a complimenting color for each sleeping area. This is especially fun in rooms with siblings, an apartment, or even a college dormitory room! I love the basket organization on each level of this adorable bunk bed configuration.

Combining bunk beds with traditional ones
The versatility in bunk beds has come a long way. In modern interiors bunk beds are paired with full, queen, and king size beds for loft configurations. This is a creative way to add bring vertical dimension to your bedroom. Wall sconces, shelving, and decorative bedding can make a wonderful themed room. Below, this nautical inspired room is made more authentic with the addition of wood slatted walls, and wood accents to make this basic bunk bed anything but ordinary. Your kids will love the ability to share a room, but still keep an individual flare to their section of the room!

Creativity meets design
Bunk beds are a wonderful way to let your imagination soar! Creative wonderlands for your little ones, adventurous camp inspired rooms are all made possible with bunk beds. The hanging mechanisms, and design of the bed will make anyone feel like a kid again. Look at these creative slumber areas of design for your little ones! Bunk beds are a must have for at least one bedroom in your home.

Creating the perfect bedroom to retreat to at the end of the day is made possible with the addition of a bunk bed. Whether you’re decorating for the young or the young at heart, find design inspiration in the modern day bed. Children will love the creative nature of their beds, and parents will love the ability to use less space for more siblings. No longer does anyone have to fight over who gets the top bunk, after all, everyone has a stellar bedrest is these bunkbed inspirations!




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