Welcoming Easter into your Home

Easter is on its way and your home is ready to showcase the beautiful spring colors and playful nature of the holiday. Whether you enjoy pulling out all the stops for Easter, or you prefer a few tasteful tidbits of pastel color throughout your home, Easter is a holiday that is loved by the young and old. This year, use some of these inspirational ideas to your home, and see which ones become traditions in your Easter spring home.

 Creative dining room table displays

Easter is one of those holidays that the dinner table takes center stage for family and friends to gather around for a wonderful holiday meal. Adding colorful place setting card holders, decorative bunny folded napkins, and even creatively decorated Easter eggs are all-time favorites for many homes. Get inspired with spring decor elements such as butterflies, rabbits, flowers, and chickens to signify subtle elements of spring and Easter around your holiday table.


 Outdoor elements add to the magic of Easter:

One of the joys of Easter is decorating your home with outdoor elements and bringing these natural pieces into your interiors as well. Children love seeing what the Easter bunny brought them and what a creative way to decorate then fill spring colored boots and shoes with Easter filled treats?! Adults will love the whimsical appeal and your kids will love the treasures left behind. 

 Easter eggs with decorative appeal   
There are countless ways to decorate real or artificial eggs for decoration around your holiday home. I love the idea of taking natural eggs and wrapping them with hand crocheted yarn for a wholesome and unique appeal. Handcrafted elements are a beautiful way to put your own unique design touch on the traditional holiday. Mix and match dyed eggs with natural colored eggs to bring depth and interest to any table display you have. Add chocolates and vintage Easter decor and you will have a gorgeous tablescape! 

Happy Easter from my family home to yours! Celebrate the holiday with your family and friends and enjoy the rich traditions that surround the Easter holiday. Use some of these ideas in your home and bring the spirit of Easter to everyone who enters your home!



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