Defining your Home’s Style

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If you’re an everyday homeowner with a family and pets, chances are that your living room has no particular decorating style. Cottage décor is a dream and contemporary decor a frightening prospect of a total room makeover. You have a mish-mash of furniture and accessories that you try to pull together every once in a while and then get discouraged. 

Incorporate your lifestyle
If you have a mish mash of looks in your living room, you just never defined your decorating style. Style is about your personality and lifestyle.
How do you do it? Have a look around your living room and choose your favorite pieces.
What style are they? If you’re choosing chintz and florals, you are more to traditional style. If you choose simple line furniture  there is a chance you prefer contemporary. 
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What decorative style speaks to you?
Try thumbing through interior magazines or surf the internet for inspirational home interiors blogs. See what type of styles have elements that you love. This will give you a clue as to what style speaks to you.
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Examine your personal style, lifestyle and what speaks to you in your home. You will be surprised that choosing and defining a decorative style for your home is easier than you imagined. 



  1. Oh my! The one with the all-wood finish is so majestic! I feels like it is made to suit for a kind in the medieval ages.

    1. I am happy you like it Tabby!


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