Famous Women’s Closets

Carrie Bradshaw – Sex and the City closet

Is there any greater dream for a woman to have a closet that fulfills every need you could ever want? From storage and display to areas to get dressed and try on 400 different pair of shoes like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City? Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but a well appointed closet is definitely a woman’s best friend! Here are some celebrities closets I ran across that are to die for.

Nicky Hilton’s closet

I absolutely love the see-through nature of Nicky Hilton’s closet. When trying to decide what you are going to wear, the ability to see everything at a glance is perfect! Now if you are one that doesn’t like to keep a tidy and organized closet, you may want to stay with a closed door wardrobe closet.

Eva Longoria closet

A closet isn’t made complete without an entire section for shoes, right ladies? Eva Longoria obviously knows this better than anyone and her show collection looks fabulous. I love the ladder reminiscent of a traditional office library. What a perfect way to optimize on vertical storage and be able to easily reach everything without needing assistance.

Mariah Carey’s (shoe store) closet

If you are going to live like a princess your shoe closet should obviously match your lifestyle right? Mariah Carey’s shoe store closet not only holds shoes and boots, but handbags and purses to accessorize all at the same time! I love the lavish details such as the gold inlaid floor, chandelier and pretty pink tufted chair for trying on that perfect pair of shoes.
Paul Abdul's closet

It looks like shoe closets are celebrity’s top choices for ensuring their wardrobe is complete. Take a look at Paula Abdul, Fergie, and Christina Aguilera’s shoe closets. Don’t they make you want to turn your entire bedroom into a shoe closet?

 Christina Aguilera’s closet

Fergie's closet

Whether you want to update your closet or you just enjoy looking at how celebrities fit all of their luxury shoes, accessories and clothing into theirs you now have inspiration to make yours beautiful!  Your closet may already be the perfect fit for you to display all of your Dior accessories! Love your closets for they are a woman’s favorite place to hang out in the home.


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