Creative Ways to Utilize Wallpaper in your Home


In your home your walls speak to the character and the design style of your home. From the colors you choose to the patterns and often textures that your hands can feel as well. Wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to achieve gorgeous walls in your home. While most homeowners know about wallpaper, you may not know the other creative uses for wallpaper in your interiors. Here are a few out-of-the-box ways to use wallpaper in crafts and interior projects that will transform your interiors. Thank you House to Home for some wonderful ideas!

Bookcase decorative makeover

Everyone has furniture around their home that could use a facelift, right? I love how an everyday piece of furniture like a bookcase transformed into a cart! 

(See picture above) - ‘A basic glass-front bookcase becomes a stellar service cart with just a roll of wallpaper. After removing the legs and doors, prime and paint the bookcase. When dry, wallpaper the outside surfaces and install casters to the bottom. Reattach doors.’ …House and Home

  Image: House to Home

Giving a new look to older decor

For those of you that would like to upgrade your cabinetry door fronts, how about using decorative wallpaper for a coordinated look? ‘Use wallpaper inserts trimmed with molding to dress up bland or dated cabinet fronts. To update a boring built-in, first apply colorful paint. Next add flair to the cabinet fronts by attaching decorative wallpaper in coordinating colors.’... House to Home.  For a coordinated look consider adding matching door hardware and pulls to your cabinetry fronts. Add the same wallpaper to your lamps and lighting fixtures for a unified appearance too!

Decorative wallpaper used in everyday ways

Wallpaper scraps are often bountiful after a remodeling project in your home, how about using them to coordinate wall plaques? Visit your local craft or home improvement store to find inexpensive wood trim pieces, bead board, trim, and chair rails to complete the customized look. Another great use for wallpaper is to decorate the inside of drawers, the back walls of wardrobe closets, and privacy screens in your home. You will love the customized look wallpaper can lend without a lot of fuss.

The easiest way to transform your home often involves the most unconventional means of supplies! Wallpaper has more uses than just beautifying your walls. In fact, wallpaper can turn any furniture, cabinetry, lamp, or wall decor to another level. Try some of these useful DIY projects in your home and let me know which ones you are most proud of!



  1. Brilliant ideas! Now I know what to do with our extra wallpapers. The last design is pretty cool!

  2. Happy crafting Cheap weddings. I would appreciate it if you could share some photos of your creation.


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