Choosing Color… Like a Professional

How much you enjoy staying in a room or the mood you feel when entering a room is largely based on the color and psychology behind the meaning of color. Your home can feel invigorating, soothing, romantic or welcoming with the choice of colors you choose throughout your home. Here are helpful tips for choosing colors for your interiors and the meaning behind the psychology of color.

The meaning of colors


The color red creates a quickening heartbeat and raised blood pressure that many people associate with romance and passion. Red is also said to increase appetite and is often used in restaurant dining rooms and areas where a lively conversation will take place.


Green is considered one of the most relaxing and soothing colors because humans can relate it to nature. Often used in spas and master bathrooms, green is associated with the Earth, grass and beautiful foliage in our outdoor homes. Greens are also used in kitchens and living areas to bring familiarity and natural aesthetics into the home.


For hallways and entryways yellow can be calming or can be invigorating depending on the shade used. Yellow brightens the human spirit and makes every room appear happier and welcoming. Use yellow as an accent to neutrals such as browns, grays, blacks and white for a sophisticated way to bring brightness to a room.


Blue is associated with the calming open sky and wide expansive water of the ocean and rivers. Blue is soothing and therefore works well in rooms that you want to relax and unwind from the day, the bathroom and bedroom are the best locations. While soothing, it shouldn’t be used in the kitchen as blue doesn’t occur naturally in many foods and can be an appetite suppressant.

The use of color throughout your home

Remember that colors come in an infinite variety of hues, colors and saturation. Therefore one color used in varying degrees in different rooms can give off results and moods differently. In rooms that will be used predominantly at night use colors that are clear and retain their strength and vibrancy so they don’t appear washed out in the evening. While in kitchens consider vibrant colors such as greens, yellows and reds.

Choosing colors for your home should be an enjoyable experience as you can literally create the mood for every space in your abode. You can choose soothing and relaxing in your private areas to vibrant and exhilarating in your public spaces of your home. The opportunity is yours to make a unique experience that only your home can offer. So go ahead, jump into the color selection in your home!



  1. Personally, I prefer earth tones. A combination of moss green, yellow green, chocolate brown, cream and black - that's me!

    1. Most people prefer calm colors whre they live and it is right. But adding a spash of color in small portion it makes a "nice surpise " in a room and sves it of beeing dull.


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