Window Treatments…it’s a long story!

Almost everyday my Facebook inbox has a message for me from a friend asking me about a decorating problem she is facing with her home. This pleases me a lot because it gives me ideas of what you would like me to write about. The most often asked questions are about curtains. In today’s post I will help you with you window treatment challenges, and I tried to give as many possibilities as I could. I hope it helps many of you.
Treating your windows
For many homes, windows are the connection between the interiors and the exteriors, and are used to open up a space and make it feel more human and real. Window treatments are a nice of way of decorating your windows to create a finished and dressed look. They also serve other purposes, such as keeping out glaring sunlight, providing privacy from the outside, and they help control the temperature inside your home. Here are some decorative window treatment ideas for your bare windows I thought you would enjoy.

Curtains aren’t only for windows
While we all love to see beautiful curtains displayed at our windows, curtains can also serve as room dividers, focal points for the eye, or they can create a visual textured wall to delineate areas of your open space.  This striped curtain’s bold stripes are dynamic in this subtly colored bathroom. The ability to close them off for privacy is an added bonus!
Automated window treatments
Long gone are the days when we you had to control your window treatments with long cords, or cumbersome wands to turn. In modern interiors automation has become key and has opened the way for adding window treatments to skylights, ceiling high windows, and more.  Now you can change the ambiance in your home with a touch of a remote control.

Still enjoying the views
The ability to be able to see gorgeous views outside of your window doesn’t have to be sacrificed by your window treatments. Several window treatment manufacturers offer sheer treatments; mesh blinds, or partial roman shades. There is probably a window treatment for every window condition you can think of. Whether you live on a golf course, have a beautiful pool to gaze at, or you just want to watch your children playing outside. Sheer window treatments can cut the glare and still provide you with unobstructed views.             

Decorative window treatments to fit your design style
In addition to the functional use of window treatments is the decorative way they can enhance your interiors. Whether you like traditional, modern, romantic, or French-country, there are as many treatments as there are colors to compliment them! First, decide what type of window treatment fits your needs, and then determine what size you will need. Custom treatments can be made for irregular or custom sized windows too! Once you have these, find a design style that matches the rest of your interiors.

I used to say that window treatment and carpets…complete the interior design job. The best interior projects without curtains and carpets is unfinished. Use these helpful tips to bring beauty to your windows, and to help you with challenges such as too much light, not enough privacy, or a combination of both.  Your interiors will love how well they are complimented by window treatments.




  1. Those are lovely samples you have, Renia! If the windows are the connection between the interior and the exterior of a room, curtains, on the other hand, allow you to look out of the window from within the room, and prevent other people from peeking inside the room. The automated window treatments are obviously expensive, but if you have the budget for it, why not?

    Herb Koguchi

    1. Yes Herb you are right. I just mention here all the solutions you have. Thank you for your comment.

    2. Yes Herb you are right. I just mention here all the solutions you have. Thank you for your comment.

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