Our pets are cherished as much as our own children, and often times keeping up with them and their organization can be a challenge! 

I renovated a house with a garden lately and the lady of the house had asked me to find a solution for her cat’s to enter in and out of the garden. To solve her dilemma, I made a very small swing door at the bottom of her kitchen door that locks also for the night!
She loved how it worked for her cat and I was so pleased to find a solution that worked for her and her pet. From that experience and from my own dog experience (I have a 13 year-old pequinese dog) I realized my readers could benefit from some pet organization ideas and solutions. I hope you find this post useful! 

A place for everyone
Whether you are organizing for people or pets, the idea of having a place for everything doesn’t change. Since most pets don’t clean up after themselves, we need helpful solutions to make your pet access their area easily and still make your interiors look great. Determine what the lifestyle is of your pets. Whether they are indoor or outdoor, and how large of an area they need for eating, playing and resting. Design your home to reflect their lifestyle and yours! The eating area can be customized into your kitchen cabinetry, or can be hidden in clever wall and furniture units.

Comfortable and stylish sleeping areas
Determine if your furry family member needs his or her own bed, or if an integrated area within a communal area is ideal. For larger pets consider if you need the ability to close them off, or if the sleeping quarters can be open to the rest of your home. The possibilities are endless for your pet, look at these ideas:

Easy access
When planning your pet’s area, ensure there is easy access for your pets to feel independent and happy to roam. Creative solutions can mean adapting pet doors, customizing cabinetry, and even designing a pet area of your home that is solely adaptable for your pet. Ensure this area works for the rest of your family too.

And this is my lady!!! She is a Pequinese and she been with our family for 13 years now.She is nice and sweet… and likes to hide among the pillows :)

Organize and design your home with your pet in mind. While it may seem frivolous, your pet brings you and your family joy and ensuring your home allows for both of you to enjoy your interiors is essential. Let me know if you have any other pet organization and interior ideas you’ve tried in your home, I’d love to try out some new ideas!






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