Enter 2012 with Chic Colour Combinations

Happy New Year everyone, and isn’t it nice to have gone through the holidays, and now entering a fresh, New Year?
All these days I had an overdose of Christmas color (red, dark green, gold) and I think you must be feeling the same way.
So my first post of the year is about bright and yet chic color combinations. I wish you these colors to accompany you all through this year and offer you their freshness and brightness in the difficult moments you may face in the year ahead. The new year should be about refreshing color, and reviving your home and yourself.
Choosing colors are very important in decoration and yet can be difficult to make the proper combinations in your home.
Here are some of my favorites to help you bring beautiful colors into your home this year.
Refreshing pastel colors
Especially in the winter time, pastels are beautiful colors to bring into the new year. When it is cold and gray outside, your indoors can still reflect warm and inviting colors. The combinations of light blues, purples, and sage greens and even pinks/grays are perfect for any home.

Bold and powerful
If you are ready to take your new year into a bold direction, strong and powerful colors can convey assertiveness, and positive thinking. I love the combinations of rich tones of purples, browns, oranges, and deep turquoise combinations. A new year represents new ideas, and new resolutions, bold colors can be a symbolic way to bring in a new you to your home.
Traditionally classic colors
In this new year there are still colors and aesthetics that have been tried and true for generations. What I love about traditional color combinations like charcoal gray, slate blue, camel and deep golds is the tie to classics. These colors never go out of style, and match almost any home interior. Bring these colors into your home this year for a twist on the classics that never go out of style!

I wish you all have a bright and Happy New Year!


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