Decorating for the Single Man!

The idea of a ‘bachelor pad’ for the single guy is often not the image many gentleman want for their home. The way your home looks reflects on who you are as a person, and influences how other people judge you. When you are a single guy, there are certain things you want to evoke in the various aspects of your life. You want to appear successful, confident, mature, sophisticated, and even a little sexy. Your home can help you do this.

Here are some inspiring ideas to make your home speak wonders about you and the confidence you exude in your interiors.

Masculine and bold

The same characteristics that are qualities of a distinguished gentleman, are the same qualities you look for in the ideal man’s abode. Masculine qualities such as dark finishes, such as wood, metal, and rock are all materials that look like a million bucks! Pair these finishes with bold colored furniture, sleek lined detailing, and cutting edge architecture, then your home is speaking volumes about you.

Traditional and classic
Historic and traditional styling is another unmistakable quality in which men adore in their interiors. From rich detailing of their grandfather’s library to the historical men that have come before them, traditional favorites date back to generations of men an their cherished rooms of the house. Hand carved woodworking, wall details that are reminiscent of architecture buildings and classic artwork that characterized strength can be found in every gentleman’s home.

Modern and sleek
Minimalistic lines, monochromatic colors, and shiny surfaces are symbolic of a man that loves techno gadgets, cool furniture, and cutting edge interiors. When designing a home for a guy, ensure that his taste of relaxation, fun, entertaining, and being energized are all taken into consideration. For men love to be pampered in their home, and they also like to feel their interiors reflect their personal style, and not just a designers touch!

Decorating for the single man is a true experience. Tasteful sculptures from around the world, subtle greenery to bring the outdoors in, and careful use of masculine materials and sleek detailing are what men prefer in their home interiors. Use these helpful tips to create a one-of-a-kind home!



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