Show How Much you Care, with these Wrapping Ideas

I walk around the shops, for many days now trying to find the perfect gift for each special person to me, on my long Christmas list. 
Now I sit next to gift bags, scissors, ribbon and decorative paper and try to wrap the Christmas presents.  I really enjoy it, and try my best to make them look as pretty as I can because I strongly believe “It matters the way you present a gift, more than its value”
Here is some of my favorite holiday wrapping ideas to lend inspiration for you as you wrap your beautiful gifts this season.

Making gifts look luxurious
Wrap gifts in inexpensive paper, then add a narrow band of luxury paper around the package and finish off with ribbon so it looks like you've splurged on expensive wrapping. This is a great way to get a luxurious look on a tight budget, as a large sheet of expensive paper goes a long way. 

Creative Embellishments
Another way to make gifts look gorgeous is to use playful and whimsical embellishments. From bells, to small ribbons, and fun gift tags, there are plenty of additions to make to your festive presents. After all, the paper sets the background for your colorful additions to the overall presentation. Get creative, and use items from a craft store from dried flowers and berries, to holiday ornaments!

Free printable gift cards
With today’s technology, you can print free gift cards out of the comfort of your home. Feel free to use these creative gift tags I found for you. All you have to do is print and cut. These tags will make wrapping gifts stress free, and they look like you spent hours personalizing them. 

While we know Christmas isn’t about receiving, it’s all about giving, we all love receiving gorgeously wrapped gifts. Show your friends and family how much you care for them with these gift-wrapping ideas. The little details make all the difference, and a beautifully presented gift means more than the treasure inside!
Happy gift wrapping!



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