Greta, My Facebook Friend, Organizes a Christmas Dinner Just for You

Christmas is a cherished time of year for everyone, whether you enjoy celebrating your friends and family, or you love the delicious aromas of Christmas food that take you back to your childhood, the season is for celebrating!
This year, one way I am enjoying the season, is by enjoying my friendships with good friends. It has been a pleasure to make new friends on Facebook, and share moments and photos of our lives. I have met many special people, and getting to know them (online), I distinguished some special talents, these ladies have.
One of these friends, Greta, has a very social life and she often organizes elegant dinners at home.
I admire her talent in dinner organizing and her delicious cooking and elegant table decoration, which I saw in her Facebook albums.
So I thought of asking her to help me with my ”Christmas dinner table decoration“ post and let me use some photos of her own, since we all try to find new decorating ideas on how to decorate our Christmas dinner. 

Enjoy Greta’s creations and take some ideas for your Christmas dinner table. I know I will copy a couple! Will you too?  

When coming to a dinner party, the front entrance sets the scene for the entire evening. Her house seems so welcoming just from the entrance!  The illuminating glow from the inside, and the warm lanterns at the entry make guests anticipate the beautiful evening that awaits them.

Glimmering details like these gold accented ornaments make a beautiful and easy centerpiece for the dinner table. The collection of vintage, smooth, and textured ornaments gives the table visual interest, and a touch of nostalgia for the dinner party.

What I love about Greta’s Christmas dinner table is that everything has a gorgeous glow! From the dinnerware, and stemware glasses to the ornately detailed candlestick holders. The layered table linen with gold accents makes for a beautiful backdrop for the entire tablescape.

Throughout Greta’s home there are touches of Christmas decor that make guests want to sit and linger. I especially love these topiary urns gracing the windowsill. They add height and visual interest to what could be an empty space. The simple yet elegant decor is a special detail that I love!

The Christmas tree is always the highlight of the room. These vintage style ornaments add to the overall ambiance of a magical evening. The decor, food, and experience looks like every guest wouldn’t want to ever leave!
Thank you Greta for letting my readers take a glimpse into what you prepare for your gorgeous Christmas dinner party. What a wonderful display of caring for your guests, and embracing the warmth and joy that Christmas brings!


  1. Absolutly breath takingly Elegant & Gorgeous.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth-Mia Patrice for your comment. She is a very elegant lady that I met on Facebook and seeing photos of what she did, I asked her to let me post some photos of her Christmas preparations. And here is what she prepared. She is amazing


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