Bringing Christmas Atmosphere to your Front Yard

All Christmas decorations refer to decorating your living room, your fireplace, or your stairs but what about the outside of your home? How about Christmas decorations for your garden?
While we all love for our indoor home to have Christmas inspiration, your outdoor home is what makes the neighborhood look festive, and it brightens everyone’s spirits at the same time!
Here are a few Christmas outdoor decorating ideas to give your exterior the same joy as your interiors.

Garland and Pinecones
One of the simplest ways to decorate your outdoor holiday home is with garland and pinecones. Whether you choose to use live or artificial, both can look gorgeous with pops of red and burgundy accents. Consider decorating around your mailbox, at your front porch on a bench, or even your garden bench that won’t be used until spring! Christmas balls – especially the shiny plastic ones that won’t break, will look great interspersed among the green foliage.

Sparkle and Light
The most magical part of Christmas decorating is the sparkle and light that comes with the holiday. In your outdoor home, carry out this theme with candles lining your stairs, or outdoor string lighting that comes in a variety of shapes. One idea I have seen is to use Epsom Salt inside of tall jars and a votive candle. It gives the look of fresh snow inside a jar! Perfect for welcoming guests into your home on a cold winter evening.

Playful Additions
Over the years, outdoor whimisical lawn decor has received a bad reputation! We all know of the decor that can be over the top, and light up the whole neighborhood. How about this year, you introduce tasteful outodoor lawn ornaments that look great, and cast a beautiful glow? These lighted balls, and pretty presents would look great outside of anyone’s Christmas home.

Welcome Simplicity
While the Christmas season seems likes its always a chance to “go big”, it is also the season for enjoying the little things, and simplicity in your outdoor decor is a delightful way. Simple decor such as a basket of pinecones near the front entry, a playful wood snowman sign, or just a welcoming wreath on your front door can speak wonders!

Decorate your outdoor Christmas home with these beautiful additions. Whether you choose natural accents that you find around your home, or you bring out festive lighting, there is no wrong way to bring out the magic of the season. Once the sun goes down, how festive it will be to see your holiday home light up! 



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