Can you believe Christmas is almost here? Here I am wrapping my last Christmas gifts and I need 2 more for last minute guests on Christmas dinner.
So, since I have enough time, I might as well enjoy it. I called my friend to help me choose the presents and then have a coffee at one of  the beautiful coffee shops downtown.
The atmosphere was so lovely, with all the shops beautiful window displays, Santa Clauses at the shops, posing  for photos with kids on their lap and families going to buy (like me) last minute Christmas presents.
Some of the shops were so nicely decorated that made me feel like I was a kid again.
I loved it. I believe that shop window displays, are little works of art especially at the holiday season. Today, I thought I would share beautiful Christmas shop windows I loved. I hope you will like it too.

Christmas window themes
What a delight it is to see all of the Christmas themed windows. I think part of the magic of the holiday is how the store windows transport you into another place. Just like when we were children, the Christmas shop windows feel like we can walk right in! Who doesn’t love a magical fantasy to make them feel young again?

Christmas and fashionable windows
Retailers have known for a long time that people love to shop at the holidays, and when shoppers get lost in the beauty of the displays and the fashion, we might as well hand the stores our wallets and purses! I love the creative mannequins, and fashion displays at Christmas time. I especially love these playful evergreen skirts, what a gorgeous touch to a simple mannequin!

Colorful and whimsical touches
What is Christmas without the color and whimsical details that the season brings? From the brightly wrapped presents, to the yummy desserts and brightly lit displays, there is always room for joy when you see these delightful scenes in a window. Whether you see them in person, or only in images, the nostalgic feeling of being a kid at Christmas time can’t be helped.

Wherever you live, enjoy these days of love, sharing, and of course….shopping! Merry Christmas my friends.




  1. Hi, I like your blog! I enjoyed your blog post about the Christmas window displays and thank-you so much for including the Christmas window piled high with the cakes and pastries that I created for a shopping centre in town. Unfortunately you did not post a link back to my site. Please, as a courtesy, when you post images of my work, feel free to by the way, have a link back to my website.

    1. I forgot to include my website URL!


  2. Hi Len,You meke a Beautiful work. I usualy include the URL if there is when I use a photo. I will try to add it now.
    Thank you for including it and Congratulation on your work!


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