Making your furniture come alive isn’t a difficult task these days. With the onset of green living and repurposing old furniture to look like new, the ability to create fabulous looking pieces is simple and fun. Any furniture can get a ‘makeover’ with the help of new paint, new hardware, or even a different finish all together. Here are some examples of how to take your furniture from boring to beautiful, all by giving it a new look and style.
Remember Grandma’s antique chest of drawers you found in the attic last year? Instead of stashing it away to hide its old finish, how about revamp it with color palette pleasing colors to your interiors? Choose colors that coordinate with other furnishings, wallpaper or paint color in the room to bring unity and definition to your space. It will all look custom made! 
Consider visiting garage sales, antique stores, and online classifieds in your area for old treasures that you can make new. You would be surprised how an old bench can be made new with paint and beautiful reupholstering.

Children’s rooms are a great place for furniture makeovers, as kids tend to be hard on furniture, and often dressers, nightstands, desks and chairs have to be shared by generations of siblings. Instead of throwing out the furniture, give it a fresh look with pretty white paint, stencils, and coordinating organization baskets to complete the revamped look.

Bring out your creativity with letters, stencils, and vinyl appliqués. The joy of being creative is also the appeal of revamping old furniture. You can take a piece of tradition in your home and make it your own. From monogrammed initials to clever sayings… let your imagination soar with a creative DIY project.

Furniture makeovers have never looked so pretty. The next time you are searching in the furniture store for a brand new piece, take a look at the scratch and dent area too. You never know, a furniture makeover may give your room an unexpected custom design appeal, and your wallet a break. After all, your home should reflect your lifestyle and all the wonderful things you can imagine for it. A furniture revamp may be more rewarding than you thought!



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