I always enjoy documenting and taking pictures of the homes that I design. For each one has a unique piece of my client, as well as a charm and warmth that is distinctive to their lifestyle. It was a very hot day when I went to take photos of clients Katerina and Ersy’s homes. 

Before we started taking photos we sat down in their beautiful backyard to drink iced tea. With the hot and sticky temperatures, it looked like heaven out there!

In Katerina’s home, the white country charm of their home is inviting to all who enter. I like the open displayed cabinets that show off beautiful dinnerware, collections, and stemware.  As a designer I try to incorporate the client’s lifestyle in every piece of the home. The bright and warm colors make the small rooms feel larger and airy.
Taking advantage of plentiful sunlight and greenery views, the idea of having comfortable seating to see outside is essential. This comfortable chaise and reading light is a perfect place to greet the morning or relax after a hard day at work. Terra cotta hues, and light blue walls throughout the space make for casual interiors without feeling formal and stuffy.
In Katerina’s home, the kitchen is open to the dining and living room, shown below. Once again the large glazed doors around the room enable guests and residents to enjoy a different view to the fantastic garden, wherever they are in the room.

The bedrooms take similar cues from the rest of the home, to bring a casual bed and breakfast feel to the private areas of their home. I enjoy using white furniture to match the closets, and bed to unify the room in classic cottage style appeal. 

Ersy’s house is located on the same property but in front of the swimming pool and enjoys the view from the large windows, similar to Katerina’s home. 
The breathtaking views of the pool from Ersy’s home are a luxury in itself. Coupled with the large expansive windows, and light and airy colors, her home is a paradise to wake up to!
In the kitchen a similar theme of white cabinetry, and glass front upper cabinets, work nicely against the complementing wood color stained counters. Since the kitchen is small, the white finish and the wall-paneled backsplash create an enjoyable kitchen to cook in. 

In the living room, a shabby chic type decor is perfect for Ersy’s relaxed lifestyle. Simple white window coverings, slipcovered furniture, and mixes of eclectic with casual compliment the poolside living everyone wishes to have.

I used decorative elements throughout the home to pull the space together, with vintage and casual mixes. This provides visual interest for guests, and gives a sense of personality.

Thank you for letting me show you Katerina & Ersy’s homes. Saying goodbye to the girls, I couldn’t resist taking a last photo of the outside view of their slice of paradise!



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