Adding color to your home can brighten up the atmosphere, add life to your interiors and make you happier all at the same time. Here are simple ideas to bring color to your home and life!

Throw a Few Pillows Around
Nothing adds color like pillows strategically placed on furniture and flowers. Whether you choose solids for a floral sofa or chair, or colorful, patterned pillows for a solid color chair or sofa, these simple additions will add comfort and just the right splash of color.

If you have a small chair, such as a desk chair or side chair, consider recovering the seat cushion. Fresh color on even this small area will offer interest and bring life to a dreary corner.

A colorful piece adds a decorative touch, but also introduces colors and shapes you might not be able to use in a larger area. Try framing simple photos with colorful mats and bright frames.

A colorful throw rug, strategically placed in front of a chair or under a coffee table can add color and texture to a living room. It can be put on top of hardwood flooring, painted floors, or carpet. You can choose a contrast color, chosen from fabric you’re using in the room, or look for one with an interesting pattern that ties into the theme of your room.

Adding pops of color throughout your home can make your interiors sing. Try some of these inspirational ideas for you home. From functional planters to bold throw pillows, be imaginative and see how your home will come alive with personality.


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