MARINA BAY SANDS IN SINGAPORE - ‘The World’s Most Expensive Hotel’

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore - ‘The World’s Most Expensive Hotel’ 
-An experience I will never forget!

I was very fortunate to be able to visit this architectural masterpiece in Singapore. I was impressed with the architecture, the amenities and how impressively big it is! When I looked back over the photos I have taken, I thought they were really worth sharing with you.

It is located along the sea and it is the jewel of Singapore. On the opposite side of the sea (I had the impression it was a lake) are many bars and restaurants where we ate a typical Singapore dinner with chopsticks, and enjoyed the view and taking photos. 

Marina Bay Sands is an integrated resort designed by Moshie Sadifie. A lotus-shaped building is home to the Art-Science Museum, three shell domes which contains a mall, theatre, convention center and restaurants, and three towers topped by the one-acre Skydeck.

Of these structures the three connected 55-story towers of the hotel, which are inspired by a stack of cards, have the greatest visual influence on the city. The unusual form creates a distinct silhouette, which can be seen across the marina from all areas of the city and from the sea.

The opening of the Marina Bay Sands completes a grand scheme of improvement and expansion, which began 30 years ago when the land where the resort stands was reclaimed from the sea. This highly visible landmark advertises the arrival of casinos in Singapore, announces the city-state as a desirable tourist destination and continues Singapore’s long tradition of utilizing architecture to promote and strengthen the city’s brand.

For more information: Suite 101 

As you enter from the main entrance of the right building, a detailed model of all the buildings is exhibited. 

The hotel consists of 3 different buildings that connect on top with 2 stories that are shaped like ships.

The hotel hosts a museum, a casino, a mall (shopping center) and many restaurants, bars etc. Through the mall runs a big canal where you can take a boat ride, which is an exciting vision to see. 

The lotus shape building at the left of the miniature is the museum.
It was very expensive for us to sleep over, but we could afford to spend the day there exploring the amazing construction, and it made the trip well worth it.
The hotel property is so large that only had time to see one of the 3 buildings, the casino, the mall and the top floors where the pool is and at the end, and I was exhausted!

The owners have also commissioned five well-known artists to create works of art to 'integrate' with the buildings. Among these is a 40m-long Antony Gormley sculpture made from 16,100 steel rods. The entire sculpture weighs 14.8 tons and it took 60 people to assemble it in the hotel.

Artist Chongbin Zheng created Rising Forest which is 83 three meter high pots with trees in them. The pots were so big the artist had to build a customized kiln the size of a small building to make them in.

In this picture, one of the many restaurants in this beautiful establishment, as it is seen from the outside of the restaurant at the ground floor.

View on from the inside of the beautiful establishment. 

I love this sculpture, at one of the many receptionist areas throughout the establishment. 

Along the interior of the building, shoppers can ride along an indoor canal in Sampan boats styled on traditional Chinese vessels from the 17th century.
Here, a newly-wed couple enjoys a canal ride inside the resort's shopping center.

I was so excited to see a canal inside a hotel!

If you fancy a dip in this pool, you'll need a head for heights - its 55 stories up.
But swimming to the edge won't be quite as risky as it looks. While the water in the infinity pool seems to end in a sheer drop, it actually spills into a catchment area where it is pumped back into the main pool. At three times the length of an Olympic pool and 650ft up, it is the largest outdoor pool in the world at this height. 

To read more about the amazing pool, click here.

  The top of the building is the main attraction of the hotel.
The top floor is shaped as a ship and hosts a huge swimming pool surrounded by coconut trees and restaurant and bars. It looks like you are in a resort by the sea but in reality you are 55 floors high. The view is amazing from there.
At night you can just go and have a drink overlooking the city, what a gorgeous view!

The exit has another surprise to the visitor. On the back wall   (as you see in this photo) there is water running. The surface of the wall is not even (the background is even and the lighter pieces are glued to the background) so when the water runs on this wall the water seems as it changes way, like small waves.

I feel blessed to be able to see this hotel for real and to learn so much from its construction.

Thank you for letting me share this awesome experience with you, and here’s to many more great discoveries throughout our beautiful world.


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