Since Greece has so many island (about 1200 islands) and blue beaches I designed these pillows in off white and blue color. The Greek colors..
-These handmade designs I chose, looks good on most interior styles. They are finished with a trim of the same color as the embroidery. The zipper is in the back so it doesn't affect the shape of the pillow.
- They usually come in 20"sq (50cm sq) or 18"sq (45cm sq) but I can deliver in any other dimension you may wish.

I am proud of the embroidery work. Each embroidery has from 32.000 stitches to 47.000 stitches depending on the design (The above shown pillow cover has 47.000 stitches)

Even if it looks very modern design its history starts back to the 6th century.
According to tradition, ancient Christians, during their persecution by the Roman Empire in the first few centuries after Christ, used the fish symbol to mark meeting places and tombs, or to distinguish friends from foes:
…when a Christian met a stranger in the road, the Christian sometimes drew one arc of the simple fish outline in the dirt. If the stranger drew the other arc, both believers knew they were in good company. The symbol is still used today to show that the bearer is a practicing Christian.

—Christianity Today, Elesha Coffman, "Ask the Editors"


Acropolis is the symbol of Greece so I made this pillow covers with the Acropolis design. Although there are many other acropoleis in Greece, the significance of the Acropolis of Athens is such that it is commonly known as The Acropolis without qualification. The Acropolis was formally proclaimed as the preeminent monument on the European Cultural Heritage list of monuments on 26 March 2007.

This design shows a Greek column and the olive-leave wreath presented at the Olympic games to the winner.

The olive wreath also known as kotinos (Greek: κότινος),was the prize for the winner at the ancient Olympic Games. It was an olive branch, of the wild- olive tree (Olea oleaster) that grew at Olympia, intertwined to form a circle or a horse-shoe. According to Pausanias it was introduced by Heracles as a prize for the running race winner to honour his father Zeus. In the ancient Olympic Games there were no gold, silver, or bronze medals. There was only one winner per event, crowned with an olive wreath made of wild-olive leaves from a sacred tree near the temple of Zeus at Olympia.

I designed these pillows with love and respect for my country Greece that has been through rough time lately. 

I hope you like them enough, to welcome them into your home or offer them as gifts. 

You can find all of these pillows and my entire collection is available on Etsy at  https://www.etsy.com/your/shops/letsdecorateonline

My love for interiors and bringing style to your home is my passion and I’ve enjoyed creating these pillows. Each of them offers a unique peek into my world and I’d love for you to visit my Etsy shop and let me know what you think!


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