Beautifying your Walls with Storage!

All images from Better Homes and Gardens

Storage has come a long way from consisting of square bookshelves and plain shelving from years ago. Today, organization and storage is as important as decor and often becomes the functional decoration of the room! From colorful architectural niches in the wall to hanging baskets, get inspiration to store it on your wall!

Colorful additions:

Storage on the walls is a great way to introduce colors – whether complimenting or contrasting. Use contrasting color inside of cubby hole shelving for a dynamic and eye catching design idea. Use coordinating baskets and storage bins to add another layer of visual interest to your storage wall.

Eye catching focal point: Why not transform an entire wall with functional and eye-catching storage ideas? Organization stores have a wide variety of shelving configurations to fit your design style. From traditional to ultra modern, use a wall shelving unit to intermingle decorative vases, collectibles, books and add pops of color where needed.

Wall storage should be an extension of your personality and can act as an extra piece of furniture to your space. Whether it’s as simple as shelving affixed to a wall to intricate built-ins that can transform your wall, every piece of wall storage is valuable. It helps make more room for your family to live and enjoy your home and it creates a welcoming focal point for all of your memories, decor and colorful additions. 

Enjoy creating beautiful ‘wallscapes’ of storage!



  1. Wall storage helps organize stuff inside the house. It creates more space and beautifies the interior, depending on its design and color scheme.


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