How to Bring Contemporary Living Style into your Home

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In modern day decor the appeal of contemporary and sleek interiors is a well sought after look in everyone’s home. The minimal lines, neutral colors and beautifully appointed fine details are just a few characteristics of the contemporary decor style. Here are a few tips to bring the aesthetic into your interiors.

Simple tips to bring the contemporary look into your home:
Use neutral color palette to liven up your interiors, contemporary design features minimal use of bright, bold colors.
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Floors: Consider using hardwood floors, tile or other hard or resilient flooring. Use area rugs to soften up the feel of the room and to aid in sound reduction. Contemporary interiors are minimal and like streamlined appeal.

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Furniture:  Similarly to flooring, furniture should be streamlined and less ornamentation than traditional furniture styles. Choose materials such as leather, neutral colored upholstery, tweed, and tight fibered textiles for your furniture choices. Furniture with straight and minimal legs will make your furniture look more stream lined.

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Accessories and decor: Use your accessories in your contemporary interiors to bring about color and texture, without being over the top. Vases, urns, decorative glassware can adorn bookshelves and coffee tables. In your bedroom and living spaces, simple throw pillows and throws across your couch or bed will add the perfect touch of modern sophistication.
Perhaps with a splash of my embroidery throw pillows?
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Bringing contemporary styling into your home can be made simpler with these inspirational ideas. Neutral colors, minimal but sophisticated lines, and elegant details that are not over cluttered and ornate – this is contemporary and modern. Let me know how you like it in your home!


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