The Greek Key has been a symbol that dates back to ancient Greece and is still used in many forms of architecture, designer interiors, as well as fashion runway.
The Greek key design was the most important symbol in Ancient Greece as it represented infinity and unity. Most ancient Greek temples incorporate the sign of the Greek key. Even the shield of Philip, the second king of Macedonia, was decorated with multiple symbols of the Greek key. – Courtesy of Things That Inspire

Since I’m an Interior Designer in Greece, I thought I would show you how this one symbol has inspired so many. From metal finishes and textile fabrics to gorgeous jewelery as seen above, the Greek Key is timeless.


Furniture designer have long used this symbol for tufted ottomans, sofas, pillows, drapery and more.
I love how bedding can transform a bedroom. This bedding uses the Greek Key in a bold yet sophisticated way. Try coordinating your bedding, along with your interior decor and finishes seasonally to give your bedroom a new aesthetic.

Horchow Lamp with Greek Key Symbol
For added luxury to your bedroom, try adding these sumptuous linens from Bella Lino with gorgeous Greek Key detailing.



The Greek Key can be found in your interiors around your home, but designers have also been inspired for you to wear gorgeous jewelry adorned with it! This ring from Bin Bin is a piece that anyone would love to wear!

If you love cutting edge pieces in your home and in your fashion, than this silver Greek Key necklace is for you. I love the hammered and textured finish!

Designers have also taken the Greek inspiration all the way to crafting! This gorgeous gold ribbon can be used in arts and crafts, or adorning throw pillows and furniture. 

Stationery, personal letterhead and picture frames can be adorned with the Greek Key. Here around the perimeter, the symbol is almost hidden in this intricate pattern. A subtle way of Greek inspired design.
What is always impressive is when furniture designers use inspirational design elements in their work. Here, the Greek Key symbol used in the armrests is a classic and bold statement in these lounge chairs.

Greek Handcrafted Pillow 
Whether you like your furnishings subtle and traditional or modern with punches of color. There is Greek Key inspiration wherever you may turn. This bench is a beautiful representation of a subtle designer touch intertwined with the legs.

From your intimate bedding in your bedroom to your comfortable furnishings that adorn your living spaces, designers have been inspired by the Greek Key symbol for centuries. Now that you’ve seen some ideas of mine, how will this iconic symbol earn a place in your interiors or lifestyle? I bet you can’t just pick one!



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