OUR LATEST WORK - Marina's House in Halkidiki.
This is a beach house in Halkidiki North Greece, we recently finished.
It is located on a small hill 300 feet away from the sea and the view is amazing from all views!
The whole building consists of two, two story houses built one next to the other and on top of the third floor there is an apartment covering the entire area of both houses.
The entire building is owned by one family, they comprise of two married sisters with their families and their parents.
The Layout of the Home
When you enter the garden there is an indoor 6 car garage area which is built under the swimming pool. The house is situated on a hillside which lent the perfect opportunity to use the space under the pool and area under the two houses.The entrance of the garage is well placed and is not noticed because of the structure of the garden and plants.
Under the two houses of the sisters there is a basement which covers and hosts the heating station for the 3 houses, and it contains a wine storage area with perfect temperature for the wines as it is built literally into the ground so it cannot be seen.
Above the basement there’s the two story houses and over this  whole area is the parents apartment which is connected with the ground floor. Here is where the pool and barbecue are located along with elevator and stairs.
When our client trusted us with this job, the only work that was done was the cement skeleton. So we were free to make changes to the plans after we studied the three families needs.

In this photo you can see the one house and on top one view of the parents apartment at the top. The parents can use a private elevator that brings them to the pool level and to the basement level and garage. 

Lying by the pool you can enjoy the view of the sea too.

This is the side entrance to the barbecue kiosk which is placed in front of the pool.

This is a 12 person dining table inside the barbecue kiosk. In the kiosk there is a complete open kitchen with refrigerator, gas and electric kitchen, and a very big barbecue.

These interiors are only from the parents apartment.
The most impressive thing in this apartment is the excellent wooden ceiling that can be seen in the whole living and dinning area as well as the kitchen.

Since the apartment is located at the top of the building we created many windows to take advantage of the spectacular views from every angle.

This is one small bedroom with all custom made furniture.

The outer doors of the closet have break proof glass and inside the glass we used the same material as the curtains.

A nice view of the back garden.
Thanks for taking a look at our beach house project in Halkidiki. I look forward to the next post in sharing images from the sisters’ houses.

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