My Daughter's Wedding: THE BACHELORETTE PARTY!

THE Bachelorette Party!

Today’s post doesn’t have to do with interior design.
It has to do with my daughter’s bachelorette party and 18 beautiful girls (her best friends) who arranged everything so it can be the best surprise party ever for their friend.
And It really was!
As I mentioned in “my daughter’s wedding” post I was preparing my daughter’s wedding. Where you all helped me decide on beautiful floral centerpieces for the reception tables.
Now the time has come and the ideas became reality. The wedding date is very close and the party atmosphere is an everyday occurrence.
All this celebrating and waiting for the BIG DAY is really something!  I wish all moms can  experience this type of celebration with their daughter’s or son’s weddings.
First comes the Bachelorette Party
The party for my daughter was completely organized by the bride’s  sister and best friends.
They organized everything. They picked the place of the party (a well known beach bar in Halkidiki –Greece), the decorations, the bride’s accessories, the dresses, the music, and who would bring the bride to the party and more! They thought of everything!
It was a surprise to the bride who didn’t even know where the party was going to take place.
Here are pictures highlighting the entire event, Enjoy!

So here they are taking the bride by boat,  from her house to the beach bar where the party already has started. She doesn’t know where they are taking her yet!

My daughter and friends have just  arrived! Her friends are already there waiting for her with a welcome drink by the sea!
Moments of real friendship (one of the best mates)and sister’s love! 18 beautiful  friends arranged everything for her Bachelorette Party. What a wonderful surprise event! 

They all wore white dresses  with the words “who is the bride?” written in the front and at the back it was written “not me” to all the dresses except the bride’s dress said “it’s me”
The Party started at noon ……….and went on and on for many many hours…


Together with the best mates!

Feelings that only sisters share

The party finished in the early morning hours leaving the girls exhausted but full of joy of the happy hours they spent together, and fulfilled after arranging such a wonderful event that they planned together!
So now the clock is ticking… Next stop… the wedding party!
Come back soon, and I’ll share pictures of the glorious event!






  1. Love their printed "who's the bride" dresses! Any idea where those are from?

  2. The printed dresses were a great idea! Who thought of that, by the way? Everyone sure had a great time. There isn’t really much to say when it comes to girls’ bonding – may it be in a quiet place or in a wild party – just that we understand things even without words. Kudos to everyone involved in the great party!

    - Ella Fleming

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