Hunting in your closet to find your necklace...Never again!

It all started the day I couldn’t find my turquoise necklace; I wanted to wear with my brown dress and arrived late to my appointment….
There is an area in our homes that gets neglected… The area where you throw everything quickly and run…isn’t this every woman’s problem?
Here are some organizing ideas I found and thought of sharing them here with you. 


Hanging display
The appearance of how you see jewelry displayed in a retail store, can give you an organized way to see them all and at the same time and decorate your bedroom wall.
This creative idea takes knobs of various sizes to display necklaces. The knobs are screwed on a board covered with textile or leather or wallpaper. Choose what you like best and then frame it and hang it on your wall.
You can use cake stands for small items that cannot be hung and place them on your bedroom drawer.

Here are more decorating ideas I found that you could easily make yourselves. Go to the address shown below to see how you can make them.


Main decorating attraction of your bedroom 
I find this vintage idea beautiful, don’t you? This mannequin can serve as a decorating idea in your bedroom and at the same time serves as storage and displaying solution of all this little adds on that make a woman…look chic.
The rear side of your bedroom door
The rear side of your bedroom door is a clever place to store your bulkier jewelry and accessories at arms reach.
There are door hangers in the market that you can find and use them like this.
Everything has a place
If you know that your jewelry collection could have a room by itself inside your room, a full standing jewelry organizer may fit your lifestyle. This is a very well organized free-standing unit I found at the above address.
I love to wear jewelry in different colors and lengths that look nice with my outfits.
Now, that I found where to store them, I will never be late on my appointment…
I would love to hear your ideas of jewelry storage. Please upload your photos on my facebook page if you like to share them with us.




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