Decorating your kid’s room with love and imagination!

Remember how it was to be a kid, and your room was your sanctuary, and most treasured room of the house? Recreate those fond memories of your room through your kid’s rooms with imagination and love.  Try these helpful ideas to inspire, and help your child adore their abode. 

Colorful kid’s rooms:
When choosing colors for your child’s room consider what makes them happy, and what is versatile in finding furniture, coordinated bedding, storage and playful decor. Ask your children what colors they’d like the room to be – sometimes a little input from your children will go a long way!

Coordinate lighting fixtures, wallpaper, furniture, and fun organizational items throughout your child’s room for whimsical aesthetics and practical storage. While your kid’s room can look great, it also needs to be functional and realistic for little hands to keep it tidy.
Create a theme:
Themed bedrooms for children are a great way to take their favorite hobbies, games, and admiration for youthful characters and pastimes and place them around the room. What child wouldn’t want to go to sleep in a princess bed, or a racecar bunk bed?
Determine what television shows your child admires, or fictional characters he or she enjoys. Also consider using nature, colors, sports, and other abstract themes throughout their room.

Sharing a room:
When creating a room that needs to be shared by siblings, consider the age appropriate decor for each. The color scheme can still be coordinated but choose older/younger-bedding accessories, hang up decor, storage and even furniture to reflect the age of each child. Personalize each child’s side of the room with playful name plaques hung on the wall, and embroider bedding, throw pillows, and even furniture with colorful stencils.

Creativity with gender specific decor: 
For some children gender specific toys has no boundary, and isn’t that what makes children different and unique. Regardless of your child’s gender, be imaginative in the use of decor and consider using real items to depict fun scenes. Real sports equipment, recreational items, and dress up clothes, make for fun decor to spark imagination in your child’s room.

Create a scene with fun murals and vinyl stickers:
Another creative idea for your kid’s room is to use murals or vinyl stickers to liven up the room, without having to spend a lot of time or expense. Today, vinyl stickers and wall murals come in every theme imaginable and will fit every child’s taste under the sun! From abstract to cartoon characters, to nature scenes and athletic superstars, choose ones that will change your child’s room into a wonderland.

 Your child get’s one time in their life to truly enjoy being a kid, and letting their imagination run wild in their room is a perfect outlet for creativity. Use these ideas to create a one-of-a-kind space that your child will remember for years to come!





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