Creating the Perfect Baby's Room

Is it in my mind or many women are pregnant lately? I have seen many pregnant ladies in the street.  Matter of fact, four of my daughter’s friends are pregnant and two of my friends’ daughters are pregnant too!
I’m not sure if it’s the season or what, but baby fever is all around!   


I thought I should welcome those coming into the world, with beautiful baby room inspiration images. I hope to help expecting moms to decorate their rooms. From gorgeous colors to decorate the walls and decor, to beautiful ideas for bedding, seating, and cribs, these ideas are just waiting for your new baby!

So the question in planning a baby’s room is, Will it be a Prince or a Princess? Either way, the options are endless for both sexes. Even gender neutral nurseries are popular to welcome baby into a color palette neutral nursery.  The sky is the limit when planning for baby’s arrival.

Every nursery should evoke a personality, a sense of calm and a lot of charm.  This stunning combination of baby furniture and accessories combine to make an enchanting and unisex nursery for any girl or boy.

Powder blue is not just a color for boys as hints of floral, feminine details and satin bows can easily take a plain nursery from simple to elegant with both feminine and masculine undertones.
One of the main challenges in decorating baby’s rooms is storage. Whether it is due to baby’s growing needs, or increasing amount of belongings, storage needs to defer.

An adorable and inexpensive solution will solve the storage needs for the first years of the baby’s growing up.  Consider using multifunctional storage units and furniture to house clothing, bedding, and baby essentials.

Once the child gets older, your child will need more storage space to address a growing child’s needs, clothes, toys, and taste! After all growing children will have new challenges such as space for reading, sleeping, and playing with friends. Therefore, their room will need to adapt with their changing lives.
Here are some nice and inexpensive storage ideas for your growing child.

So welcome babies into the world with these inspirational decorative ideas for their room. Since the world is not always as bright and friendly as we’d like, you can make your baby’s room elegant and welcoming.
To all of the new babies coming into the world – “I hope your room (your first little world) will be!”

We found some great items at Pottery Barn and we thought of sharing them with you.  Many of these baby items are on sale and would be wonderful additions to your child’s room.

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We hope this baby inspiration will give you wonderful ideas for your little one's new space!



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