Kitchen Nooks: The Heart of your Home

I am sitting in my kitchen, after having a “girl’s talk” with many laughs with my younger daughter.
I am still smiling, and looking at the table and I think to myself,  “Around this table we shared our family’s good and sad moments”.
So I thought, I should write a post about kitchens and why they are the most important part of your home.
The congregation spot of your home
Out of all the places in your home, the kitchen is the one spot that every inhabitant of your home goes to get nourished, and congregates with the rest of the household. There is no wonder we love them so much! Kitchen nook seating areas are the perfect area to share a laugh, swap stories about each other’s day, and of course, eat a delightful meal. The kitchen nook should reflect your lifestyle of your family as well as your sense of design to inspire all who enjoy the space.
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Comfy seating
Depending on the size of your kitchen nook will dictate what type of seating to incorporate. Large upholstered chairs maybe appropriate in a formal kitchen nook, while a built-in bench or pull-up chairs may fit your family perfectly. Remember, your nook area should be comfortable for hours of conversation, dining, and enjoying each other’s company.

Complimentary lighting
The lighting at your kitchen nook can make the difference between your inhabitants wanting to get up quickly from the table, or wanting to linger and share another cup of coffee and continue the conversation. Choose lighting that compliments the style, and colors of the surrounding kitchen, and decor. For the ability to change the lighting output, consider installing a light dimmer to create a different ambiance, depending on your guests.

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What a warm and inviting place your kitchen nook is. Whether it is a stand-alone area adjacent to the kitchen, or your kitchen bar serves as a ‘nook’, bring your guests and family together in style. Emphasize the lifestyle of your family. If you have a large family, long benches and a farm style table may be more suitable than a round table with a few chairs. Your kitchen nook is where you make memories. Enjoy designing this special space of your home!



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