The air is chilly and the leaves are turning brilliant colors. Halloween is a favorite autumn holiday, a fun time for seasonal celebrations and for decorating your home with festive colors and ideas. Kids and adults alike and the term enjoy Halloween, "All Hallow's Eve" lets us explore our dark side and have some mischievous fun.
Trick or Treating
The custom of trick or treating evolved in Ireland, centuries ago. In preparation for All Hollow's Eve, the poverty stricken would call upon the affluent people and request money, gifts and food. The food was gathered for a huge feast and celebration. Now today, children and adults alike enjoy walking through their local neighborhood and collecting treats.

A popular tradition in America, trick or treating for UNICEF began in 1950, when Philadelphia youngsters decorated milk cartons and collected money to help less fortunate children. UNICEF increases public awareness and raises funds to provide health care, nutrition, immunizations and clean water, around the world.

Decor for Halloween can be spooky and scary, or it can lend itself to be playful and fun. Many people find bringing in the signs of autumn, or celebrating the fall harvest with seasonal pumpkins, gourds, and other natural decor makes their home feel special.

Decorating ideas that you can easily make by yourself. Halloween decorations can make use of items that you already have, such as candles, beans, and other natural decor to bring about warm traditions.

The most celebrated Halloween decoration is the jack-o'-lantern, traditionally a hollowed-out pumpkin carved to resemble a grotesque face and illuminated by a candle placed inside.  The jack-o'-lantern derives its name from a character in British folktales. 
According to these tales, the soul of a deceased person named Jack O'Lantern was barred from both heaven and hell and was condemned to wander the earth with his lantern.  Orange and black, colors associated with pumpkins and darkness respectively; figure prominently in most Halloween decorations.

Halloween is right around the corner, but there’s still plenty of time to incorporate many of these ideas into your home. From fall colors to playful front porch ideas, Halloween is still adored by the young and old. How will you decorate your home this season? I’d love to hear!

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